June Recap: Here's What You Missed in the Developer Community

We’re back with another monthly recap for the past month; a lot has been happening on the Developer Forum recently! We want to make sure you haven’t missed anything, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the highest-level content, updates and important happenings that you should be aware of. To check out May’s recap, click here.

From the Developers

Have you been interested in building your brand on Roblox, but unsure how to start? Perhaps you’d like to build a business using the games or assets you’ve already created on Roblox? As we wrapped up our Localization series, we’ve opened a new series on the Roblox Developer Medium about how to start a business on Roblox! Here are some of the topics so far:

Bonus! Read this article from @alvinbloxx on how he got started learning how to script: From the Devs: “How do you learn to script?” | by Roblox Developer Relations | Developer Baseplate | Medium

Interested in some new graphics for your games, or perhaps some new swag for your avatar? Check out what’s coming from these devs:

  • @Jazzyx3 is busy building some beautiful maps! Check out one of her favorites (above) and follow her work on Twitter.

  • @KaceyWillEatChu has been working on some new characters! Check out one of the latest ones above. You can also follow Kacey on Twitter or Twitch.

Feature Releases and Announcements:

If you’ve been checking in on the Developer Forum this month, you’ll know that there have been some exciting updates and changes to Roblox Studio. Here’s a list of a few updates that came out this month. Please note; this is not the full list of updates! Be sure to check the Announcements section of the Forum for a full list of changes:

Feature Updates:

Programmatic Updates:

Informative announcements:

Creator Challenge:

This month, Roblox produced the Jurassic World Creator challenge, which is aimed at new developers looking to get started in Studio. We saw some awesome designs come out of the templates provided on the Developer Hub! You can find a list of designs on our Twitter page, or by searching #CreatorChallenge on Twitter. If you have a friend or family member who’s interested in learning to use Studio, be sure to send them the Creator Challenge!

Featured Games:

On June 23rd, a new set of Featured Games was published to the Games page of Roblox! Like all other sets of Featured Games, this set is some of the best games on their way to the top of Roblox. If you’re interested in learning how to get featured, check out this article. This article includes some of the Featured Games Developers’ advice on how to get featured, as well as how they got started on the games that you now see on the Games page: Who They Are and How they Got There: The Featured Games Developers (July 2018)

Remember, this is just a few of the exciting changes and content on the Developer Forum! Be sure to explore the Developer Forum for a list of all updates/changes, or follow us on Twitter!


I await the July release now. I’m really happy about these “Developer Community Recap” posts - gives us some insight into what the community is up to in regards to development and shows off awesome things from other developers. Looking forward to seeing more.


I missed the last recap-- glad I know about these threads now :sob:


Hey there! It’s linked in the first paragraph, or you can read it here: May Recap: Here’s What You Might Have Missed in the Developer Community

Hope this helps!




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