Any game Ideas?

Hello, i’m a new developer. I want to create an orignal game idea that could be popular because i’m bored.

It can be any type of game except: military border, cafe game, hotel. Anything else I will consider

If you can give me a good Idea I will feature your username in the description of the game


I don’t know, i’m also lack of game idea right now. Maybe make a motor obby.

What do you mean by “Motor Obby”

i mean motorcar obby. well, someone already made car obby.

Play here

Hello @nijamaster05 , There is a high chance that you reviewed Learn & Explore sort, I can give you some ideas.
First of all, this is the Learn & Explore sort - New Changes to the Learn & Explore Sort
And this is where you submit your game -
Make sure that there is no pay-to-win method and it’s accessible.
Let me know if that interests you.

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Wish I could create original games like that

Well, i realized one of the hardest thing in game development are about design and good idea. Programming also need to design first.

Don’t forget the time and investment.


Hello, @stavnu , never heard of the Learn and Explore sort, new to the devforum. Can you give me some information about it and I will aslo check the links you sent me.

In short , The Learn and Explore sort

If you get accepted, People around the world that uses Roblox educational system will play the game you submitted.
Roblox will give you a green light and maybe they will even accept you as a top developer.
I can give you an example of a popular submission that passed -
Math obstacle course - Math Obby - Roblox

So like if you make an educational game?

I did not but I had ideas that maybe help you.
Making an educational that Roblox accepted will promote you and help you as a beginner developer.

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What type of ideas you have that could help me?

Invest simulator (Stock exchange) - May teach the users of the educational users what they don’t teach in normal schools around the world.

That idea is my best one and I highly suggest you to use it. It may be hard but developing is taking your time kind of a job.

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Ok, I’ll see if i can try to do that

THIS!!! It can be hard trying to make a simple lobby or building to bring out the style of your game even if you have a great idea then programming it is even harder i you have to learn from scratch.

you could pick one of these and make them if you’re bored I guess 22 Free Game Ideas (Might add 1 idea every day until 100)

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Well your not alone. In reality not everything we can do alone. I don’t want to call myself a creator. if your good at building, just focus more on that part.
if your not good at programming, then you might think about hire someone/friends whose good at those part. You can do both if you have a lot of time.
But I myself is solo dev right now, still new to game development also never think to become one before.

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I’m choosing not to focus on one thing. I want to be well rounded developer with experience in doing multiple things. Of course there will be areas I won’t be so good at but I would like to have atleast some experience in all aspects of developing.