Any other languages than Lua shouldn't be supported in scripting-support

In #help-and-feedback:scripting-support there is lot of posts which are basically off-topic, because the poster wants help with Python or any other language than Lua

Well yes, it could be Roblox-related. But this is Roblox DevForum, there should be only one language supported in scripting-support and that would be Lua.

scripting-support then gets sometimes flooded with many off-topic topics. This could help clean up scripting-support a lot.

One example can be found here: How do I log in through Web API with python? - #9

Okay, it is associated with Roblox, because it is getting data from Roblox’s API, but that is where it ends. Then the most is more Python-related.

I disagree and it doesn’t say that explicitly in the rules for a reason.

Just like how there are Roblox-to-Discord bot services in #resources:community-resources, which are totally allowed, anything that is tied to Roblox development in a way is allowed here. Say, I was working with HttpService. To extract the HTML code and read the contents within, I can ask for assistance on how to process it all. It’s still in Roblox because I’m using the HttpService to get the information.

Also, there are countless of Blender support topics here, but in the end, they’re making meshes for their Roblox game.

As a growing platform, it’s necessary to tie ourselves with other services as well. Development isn’t 100% on Roblox and it shouldn’t be either.


I agree with you.

But these topics are slowly starting to flood scripting-support. I’m starting to see them more often.

There could be different sub-category for it. That would be actually very good.

If you think about it, it’s already flooded. There are countless posts that are repeats or ask vague question without actually having a script from the start. Read more here.

In the end, even if the rule was implemented (a big IF), then that wouldn’t stop the kids who fake their age and use the forum, which is sadly inevitable.

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Yea. That’s problem for another whole post. :smile:
Sadly, there are not many solutions to avoid this…

I’m not against something like a #miscellanious-developement-support which would be basically for all things from Roblox APIs to Blender models to all that thing that doesn’t really fit in either categories. I still prefer posting Roblox APIs question to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support though, because it’s a category people will check often, spliting it into two categories would make it harder to help and to be helped.


Damn you should request for this to be added - I’d love a miscellanious development support category.

The problem with this suggestion is that it will incentivize developers to be lazy and put all their topics in there which means it isn’t organize anymore. Building questions should not be asked there. Art design questions should not be asked there. Scripting questions shouldn’t either.

Other languages are often used in Roblox development for purposes other than scripting a game, as @TheCarbyneUniverse mentioned. For example, setting up bots or a server to interface with your game. Imo, as long as whatever is being scripted somehow pertains to Roblox development, it should be fine.

It probably wouldn’t be that good of an idea to post on this forum for with with languages other than Lua, though. The help categories have become a dumpster fire. For languages other than Lua (and maybe even some Lua cases), it’s often best to use a different forum or something.


Based on my understanding, this is already against the rules.

This is a support category for help on everything related to scripting on the Roblox platform

on the Roblox platform seems like it means using scripts within Roblox itself, not just anything related to the Roblox platform.


Here’s the keywords. Related to scripting on the roblox platform. This means that if I have a JS api that is interacting with the Roblox game, it is 100% related to roblox scripting.

Perhaps we should just add a Lua, JS, Python, etc tag or just tag the posts without lua with the language they are.

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If you’re programming in JS, you should be asking for help on a JS forum. It doesn’t make sense to ask for help here. Web APIs are one thing, but asking for support for a whole different language from what Roblox uses is another. There’s also two ways that phrase could be interpreted:

Related to scripting, and on the Roblox platform.

Related to scripting, and related to the Roblox platform.

These give very different connotations, and I assumed the first when I read it. It’s a bit unclear, so either way some clarification would be nice.


I definitely agree that there could be some miscommunications there and that obviously if you want help with a different language then here would not be the right place to ask for help. I was pointing out that by default and grammatically,

it has a clear defined meaning. If we take it at face value then right now yes other langauges are supported.

You’re very right in the fact that we should have it clarified as to what the moderators want us to use it for. If we do change it for only Lua scripting, I think a forum request would be added for a generalize programming category.

No it doesn’t, that was the point of my post. It’s vague, purposeful or not. It could easily mean “Everything (related to scripting) that’s on the Roblox platform”


Without the comma there, there would need to be the word that or that's. Currently based on the sentence structure it’s everything related to scripting that happens to take place on the Roblox platform. This means that if it is scripting that interacts with scripting that takes place on the platform, it would indeed be related to scripting that is on the Roblox platform.

Adding a comma after scripting would mean that it has to be related to scripting, AND it has to be on the roblox platform.

(this is a nitpick on grammar and how the english language is just weird)

If one singular comma is the only distinction between two very different points of view, then it is vague. I am absolutely certain that there are unarguable grammar mistakes in official posts on the Devforum, so it’s possible for this to be one too. For example, in the official rules of the Devforum:

Do not bump topics and do not post duplicate topics either.

Since there are two separate verbs, there should be a comma between the word “topics” and the word “and.” Those are two clearly defined independent clauses. It seems pretty unreasonable to assume that Devrel will always have flawless grammar.

The post should be reworded to be less vague, not hang on the fact that the lack of one comma might make it be considered less vague by some.


Gonna disagree on that one.

Roblox is evolved enough for us to be able to take the deving outside of Roblox itself. Why would people not be able to get help with that from their peers?


Yeah. But check the other replies. I said why not making some mixed sub-category. Which would be for other languages (most likely JS and Python). Which would be still connecte with Roblox.


Sometimes if you need help with something like JS or Python; and it is Roblox based. StackOverflow might help you more.

It just depends on the problem.

Well this was my point.

In the post I’ve attached to the Post. I was convincing the OP that this is against the rules, but then 4 other people started arguing with me that this is okay.

But we can agree that scripting-support rules are confusing and should be reworded and/or clarified.

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