[OS Game] Polylands Open Sourced Survival Game

Polylands Open Sourced Survival Game
Welcome to the Polylands open source survival game available under a MIT License with a extra addition of crediting this Roblox Dev Forum Topic.
This means that you do give credit to the Polylands development team and all the contributors that have or still contribute to the project.

Polylands is in development for about 3 years now started by my good personal friend Wantsome555 and continued by me(Rangblade) with further updates and improvements.

Last year I did decide to open source the game under the MIT License agreement in which developers where free to use our code base with no requirements of crediting. However this year have we decided to adjust the license agreement to make sure that people will Credit Ranglade & Wantsome555 as the main creators of the open sourced game Polylands with as an addition a link to our Roblox Developer Forum topic which credits to all the amazing creators that contributed or still do contribute to our project.

Polylands is a true open sourced game that is meant to be developed by new and experienced developers with the freedom of creating your own games, mashups or modifications to/on top of it. I myself do try to bring updates to the game every day of course is this not possible and do I try to bring consistent updates by the week.

A project like this is for me just a way to contribute to the community so it has no work pressure and can easily postpone work for several weeks which is why it’s great if “You” the developer community step in and contribute to the project by modifying files, changing code, adding unique non free model models, animation and sounds to the game available for other developers to work with.

The best thing is to simply share a download link to your Roblox Place file with in there a Read-me file with all the changes you have made(If you did make script changes put the line numbers on which these changes where made in the Read-me file)

Remember the game is open source and free for everyone to use and to contribute to and when making use of the files you are free but not permitted to contribute your changes with me in the topic here however it would be very kind and nice of you to contribute to the project.

In comments on this topic am I sharing the updates and changes I have made to the game including a download file with the latest changes.
These posts include images of the changes to code, added features, improvements and bugs that where fixed to help you really understand what’s going on.

I do plan to start a YouTube channel for Polylands to actively upload the update videos on but to also cover community contributed updates on and already or in the future will be implemented into the game.

Currently am I having the idea to upload the entire game to GitHub with the ability for contributors to create there folder in the contribution branch where they upload a Roblox place file with there changes.

This way we can have 3 main branch types

  • The Master branch which is the up to date branch with the releases that will be available for download here in the topic.
  • The Update branch which is the branch in which I work on updates, bug fixes, new features and improvements.
  • The Contribution branch which is the branch where people can create folders in that include either a simple Roblox place file with changes or the entire code spread up in folders so that they can be easily modified in use cases with Rojo as an example for when you would love to use external code editors such as Visual Studio Code.

The way this all would work is that you use the Contribution branch as a branch in which people can download your modifications and changes but where I use exciting changes and great improvements to add them into the official Master branch as a stable update.
If you would be interested in a official GitHub Repository for Polylands then feel free to contact me in a private message or by simply adding that in a comment to this topic.


  • Inventory System
    Including 9 available slots.
  • Images for all resource, Armor and Item types
    New images are being added every time new resources, armor or item types are being added to the project.
  • Preview images for the armor types
    This way your players are aware of in which slot they have to drag there collected or crafted armor.
  • Crafting System
    Including several recipes for armor creation, potions and buildings.
  • Resource Gathering
    Herbs, Water, Sand, Wood, Iron, Berries.
  • Building System
    Walls and Pillars
  • Armor System
    Using 3d models instead of 2d clothing.
  • 4 armor types
    Helmet, Chest, Legs, Underwear (Arms to come)
  • R15 compatible


  • Outdated poorly commented code base which needs documentation, optimization and rewrites.


  • Armor type Legs can’t be used by armor items such as Wooden Greaves and Wooden Greaves Pieces.
  • Armor type Underwear current makes the leg armor unable to be equipped.
  • MouseButton1Down is not a valid member of ImageLabel (Error caused in code due to outdated code in which ImageLabel was replaced by ImageButton.

You can give Polylands a spin at: Polylands: 🛡️ARMORS🛡️ - Roblox

Download the latest update by scrolling down or either using the links below(Max of 5 update version).

Version 0.0.2: Survival Game_version_0.0.2.rbxl (145.9 KB)
Version 0.0.3: Survival Game_version_0.0.3.rbxl (161.2 KB)

Use the reply features of these Forums to reply to this topic with valuable feedback, contributions or questions.


This is super awesome! For really anyone learning how to do this stuff, this is sure to be super informative and a great reference for scripters designing their own such systems!

Nice post!


Thank you so much, your amazing!



I am planning to do more posts and to open source games.


You welcome!

Enjoy the prototype and be sure to pass by a link to your creation as I love to check it out!


Thank you, open source games have helped me the most in learning to program, I really appreciate stuff like this and it’s well made. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!


This game is aweasome! I learned some scripting bases and now I can practice more because I can! Thank you! :smile:


Today I am happy to introduce a new development update to the Open Source Survival Game Prototype.

Update 0.0.2 introduces a couple changes, new features and UI improvements but it also caused some bugs that I be working out during the week together with other coming updates.

In update 0.0.2 have I changed the Armor UI and introduces one new armor type called Underwear

The user interface improvements also include semi-transparent images for the inventory so that your players are aware of where to place each of there collected or crafted armor pieces.

Transparent images current be overlapped with non transparent images but in a later update will be automatically disabled to reduce performance costs.

To be able to introduce this new UI and armor option I needed to add some lines of code.

In the LocalScript located in the StarterGUI under MainGUI you be able to find some changes and by doing a quick search in finding results you will find the other required code pieces.

A few things note worthy are that I be working later on this week or either next week on the documentation of all code that was written by my friend Wantsome555 and my own written code so that you can more easily work with the code and be aware of what each piece of code does and of course won’t have to be afraid of making changes.

A bug that currently plays that I am trying to fix(without luck so far) is the armor for Underwear currently does not allow you to equip underwear and leg armor at the same time so you need to keep those separate.

Another bug I am aware of and will be fixing is being unable to remove your underwear to then be able to equip your leg armor.

New in update 0.0.2 is the resource Iron. It’s a new resource that will have it’s own crafting tables in the future which will allow for Iron gear crafting and the possibility for you to work of. Note that Iron does not have a inventory image yet and can’t be used in crafting yet. It’s also possible to collect Iron Ores with your hand but later using a crafted pick-axe.

As soon as you collected the Iron the pieces will be removed and all that’s left is a rock.

I am planning on making a feature in which the rock can be gathered too.

The entire Iron resource is monitored from out of the DataScript inside.

Update 0.0.2 also includes folder optimization!

Instead of having lots of folders and grouped models the models are now grouped into smaller folders named by the resource type.

As an example let’s take the resource folder!

Resources can be found inside and it’s now key to put all your created resources in those folders.

For the future I will be creating a procedural world and resource generation script where all these resources will move to the ServerStorage. Resources will be generated in the world and resources like Iron Ores with multiple pieces will be regenerated overtime so that they can be gathered by new players too instead of seeing empty resources.

Much More is coming
With all the positive feedback and private requests for updates I decided to see what I could do to create a active development project out of this. I of course love to ask you guys to contribute to the project and share code changes, model creation and addons to the game with me in the thread here so I can officially integrate them with the game and do my best to create a survival game everybody enjoys.

That’s it for today!

Download to this last update down here!
Survival Game_version_0.0.2.rbxl (145.9 KB)


Thank you so much!!If you can upgrade more,you can upload link for me to download


The download link is in my post above as you can see!


A small update to everyone interested in this project.

I will be livestreaming all the developments at https://www.twitch.tv/Roasiak

You can find the development stream for the 0.0.2 update there too.


This is awesome,Because I can look how to do crafting system or inventory system


Amazing. I hope that it can be of any help for you. I am currently busy fixing the armor system and already have plenty of new updates waiting such as new sounds, a weather system, day night cycle, New Resource type Images for Iron, code fixes and improvements and the new resource regeneration system.

Feel free to share your code changes or game modifications with others here in the topic!


If you want I got scripted some day night cycle If you want it contact me


You’re a life saver! :pray:, ill be sure to mess around with this and see what i can make out of this, again thank you for making this open source :heart:


You welcome and feel free to contribute to the project in your own way so that other developers can make use of it!


The current night cycle is working perfectly fine. However there are some code errors within the open source game including an error with the leg armor not being able to be equipped if this is something you are able to fix then do let me know.

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Please sir can you specific it ?
Like what Error is script doing

Right now you can’t drag the leg armor “Wooden Greaves” into the slot available for the item all though there is nothing equipped. The cause of this for as of now is unkown to me.

What we do want is that you can equip and de-equip you armor pieces.
“MouseButton1Down is not a valid member of ImageLabel” this error is caused in [Script ‘StarterGui.MainGui.LocalScript’, Line 436 - global armourControls]

I be sharing a new update in a few minutes that allows you to look into the errors and would allow you to publish a update with a fix here with everyone else.


Woah I didn’t know this thing can be download that’s very big help when making a survival game. Thank you for making this game! <3

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