Ares VR [In Development]

Ares VR is an upcoming VR stealth/puzzle/combat game.
Made by PoptartNoahh and CanyonJack.

Some features

  • Multiple locomotion/camera modes, including Armswinger, Snap Turn, and Smooth Turn
  • In-depth stealth systems that account for lighting, sound, alertness, heat signatures, and more.
  • Flatscreen support/debugger
  • Optimized destructible regions of the map, such as glass breaking or destructible wood.
  • Weight simulation for heavier objects, completely optional
  • Polished hand/interaction system that gives total control over objects. Weapon slides, various reloading methods, collapsible stocks, modular systems for weapon/world implementation.
  • Slow motion support
  • Optimized to a high degree, tested on various computers.
  • Various UI interaction methods, such as custom VR dialogs, physical fingerpressing, and laser pointers.
  • In-house plugins for map creation and framework management
  • Detailed haptics, including animated haptics.
  • Custom LOD system for performance.
  • Functional holographic reticles
  • Easy-to-use projectile system that respects time scale for slow motion
  • Weapons have full collisions with the world on top of custom CFrame handling.
  • Custom pathfinding systems for tight control over agent AI.
  • Simulated low-light NVG behavior.
  • Inverse kinematic arms (experimental and optional)

Resources are scarce, and increasingly difficult security drone encounters will drive Dianna Breuer to find creative ways of surviving and escaping the Ares Foundation facility.

This is first and foremost a story game, with a reusable framework as the bottom layer.
The game will be paid access, price and release date undecided. Beta testing undecided.


EDIT: We have a LOT of people in the discord with the VR role and I am no longer looking for testers.
Thank you to everyone who’s been keeping up with the project!


holy crap. this is insane! I literally cannot wait to play this!

i feel like the UI might be a bit hard to get used to (probably just me), as i am usually playing Pavlov, Population: One, and Boneworks. I feel like the entire “acquiring a mag” system could be done a bit better with a mag storage area on your hip; but its not that big of a deal.

I am able to test if you want! I currently use a Quest 2 with Oculus Link, and the tracking and quality is perfect.


There’s a belt system for magazines/grenades (see first video). The inventory system is still being changed around and is not in a finished state.


ah okay. cant wait to see what this becomes! Let me know if you need testers. I would be happy to help!


this looks amazing. I cant wait for this to come out. If you want some help with any maps I wouldn’t mind chipping in!


Oh my God this looks sick as heck. You put so much thought and detail into everything, this might be one of the most immersive VR experiences on Roblox. If you need a tester for the Valve Index, I have one and wouldn’t mind helping out. (It would be literally unreal if you were even able to get a functional control scheme on Index, to be honest)


I have a Rift S and decently beefy PC, I’d love to be a tester. My discord is .marbleLS400#7777


My friend @Dxvify is available if you need a tester.


This really is amazing. I really had no interest in VR games when it comes to Roblox, but that, just hits different. I feel like making a SAO MMO world inside this platform lol.

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Cool vr game you are currently developing on!

I would love to play it as a tester or when its out for beta. (i do have a vr headset)

My discord is Testingacc333330#8693

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might be the one thing to push me to buy a VR headset, this looks great!


This is incredible. I don’t even know how its possible to make a roblox game look so good. I’d also love to be a tester.

Also how do those hands work?


looks like they are skinned meshes, and are manipulated on a controller button press. The smooth transitions are likely created using Tweens.


Holy sweet ravioli this is the coolest thing I have ever seen

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excuse me, i’m pretty sure this is the roblox dev forum.

all jokes aside though, i actually thought this wasn’t roblox


I could be a tester Oatmeala#9999 thats my discord
this game looks [Insert badword]-ing sick

i got some beef in my pc and a rift s so just dm me if you need more testers

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I do got the VR tho, I would be willing to test


This looks great. I’m happy to help out with Testing - Drop me a DM if you still need testers EXCEL#0001


pls pls pls

do make sure you have a potato mode because my pc aint to good and im not close to my router and im using 5g for air link on my quest 2

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