Art Support: || How to make GFX (Beginners)

Hello! :slight_smile:

I get a lot of questions on how I make my GFX, so I decided to make it a post to refrain from explaining over and over again.

To begin with, I use the following programs:

  • Roblox Studio - To load any assets such as characters, props and background buildings.
  • Blender - To render, model and position any assets used along side HRDI’s and Lightings to do mostly everything.
  • and Adobe Photoshop for effects and other editing details.
  • for fonts.

To learn how to use and make GFX like me, I gathered up a playlist to binge during lockdown.

You can find the playlist here:

Happy to help any beginners! Feel free to reply with your GFX and I’ll give it a :heart: and some feedback.

If you want to order some GFX by me, all information can be found on my portfolio: [OPEN] Lava's Professional GFX Artist Portfolio (Cycles and Eevee)


This is located in the wrong category. This topic belongs in: #resources:community-resources


Fixed. Thanks, my mistake. (30 chars)


Also I’d suggest changing the title to something like; “Youtube playlist for GFX beginners”
Or something along those lines. Its very nice of you to try and help the community! :stuck_out_tongue:
Might even check them out myself, I need to improve my lighting,

If you need to fix your lighting, I recommend using a HRDI. Theres a video about it on the playlist I linked. :+1:


Update: Cleaned this post up a little to make it a bit more user-friendly.

Im on Mac and doesn’t work. What should I do?

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Try using gimp for an alternative. It’s like and photoshop, but it’s available for all devices (including macs)

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Like this user said, I would recommend this title.

Your not really showing how to make GFX, your giving links where others show how. It would be nice if you gave a real tutorial with photos/videos of how to make it, not just resources.

Hope this helps.

Is there a video on the playlist on adding props/scenes?

Yes, on the rig video.

I have a big problem with the rig. I could only move one part of the arm and not the rest. Like it is not selectable. Please help me.

You need to go in pose mode in blender. That should help. :+1:

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I did tho it’s just not selecting the other parts.

My workflow is a little bit different. I first load in ONLY characters and rig them in studio. Then I use Cinema 4d for making background assets and rendering. Then I postprocess in photoshop,

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You have to do one part at a time. Just click the black outlines in your desired area.

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Oh ok. I actually did all those steps I wonder what is it.