Asset Manager is Here (BACK IN BETA)

Quick Update: The error should now be resolved. Please let us know if you are continuing to encounter issues. Thank you!

Also, we appreciate all the early feedback already. Keep it coming!


Looks amazing! Am excited to use it. Is this only out for beta testers?


So far, looks amazing, but it’s still missing something critical:

I have several assets that I use across different games. I do not want to re-upload my meshes or decals every single time I want to reference them by name.

Allowing us to add existing assets to the manager would fix this problem and would allow us to update assets referenced by name by simple changing the Roblox ID reference.


Whenever I try to view the meshes folder in the Asset Manager, I end up with a flood of API throttle warnings and all I get in the window is the same meshes loaded over and over again (the first page just loops instead of showing more assets).


Are we still going to be able to see Developer Products via the menu? I didn’t find a folder for it.


It seems like there are duplicate packages showing up as having the same name, and the package details also lead to the same asset. There are 20 packages in this game but this is just showing lots of duplicates of two of those packages named Client Loader and Client Modules.


Does this remind anyone else of Unity?

Great change! :+1:
I didn’t like the Game Explorer anyways


The only thing I didn’t like about the game explorer was that you couldn’t add the same assets to different games without uploading them again.

I really hope we get the ability to add your own assets to your own game to be able to reference them by name and manage them in studio.


Is there a reason that Badges, Developer Products, and Scripts were removed?


Wow, this is actually a pretty good update. This is an update that is really really needed and I’m so happy that it’s now here for testing. I can’t wait to use this!


This is looking great! I have one little issue though. I can’t see myself using this to stay organized unless we get the ability to organize assets into folders ourselves. Having all assets of each type in only one folder makes it hard to stay organized…


Even when the feature releases you should add an option to go to the “Legacy game explorer”.


We’ve identified the issue with the infinite scrolling and will be deploying a fix. Thanks for the report!


I’m hyped about this new feature! Can’t wait for more cool updates! :+1:


As others have stated, having the ability to add already existing assets to the asset manager/asset explorer would be pretty useful. That’s actually the main reason I never really used the game explorer, because I share assets between projects so referencing them by name wasn’t feasible.


Can’t wait to use this new manager.

This might be related to the API throttle errors, but my group-owned Packages have the wrong creator name. I’m not sure who “kevinw34” is.

I’m also getting this error after clicking list view before the asset image has loaded.


10:40:08.023 - Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.UILibrary.Components.TreeView:50: TreeView expected a dataTree, but none was provided

10:40:08.024 - Stack Begin

10:40:08.025 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.UILibrary.Components.TreeView’, Line 50 - function init

10:40:08.025 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.Component’, Line 282 - function __mount

10:40:08.026 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 317 - function mountVirtualNode

10:40:08.027 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 88 - function updateChildren

10:40:08.027 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 100 - function updateVirtualNodeWithChildren

10:40:08.028 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.RobloxRenderer’, Line 215 - function mountHostNode

10:40:08.029 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 313 - function mountVirtualNode

10:40:08.029 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 88 - function updateChildren

10:40:08.030 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 110 - function updateVirtualNodeWithRenderResult

10:40:08.030 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.Component’, Line 292 - function __mount

10:40:08.031 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 317 - function mountVirtualNode

10:40:08.031 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 88 - function updateChildren

10:40:08.032 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 100 - function updateVirtualNodeWithChildren

10:40:08.032 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.RobloxRenderer’, Line 273 - function updateHostNode

10:40:08.033 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 215 - function updateVirtualNode

10:40:08.033 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 67 - function updateChildren

10:40:08.034 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.createReconciler’, Line 110 - function updateVirtualNodeWithRenderResult

10:40:08.034 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.Component’, Line 455 - function __resolveUpdate

10:40:08.035 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.Component’, Line 393 - function __update

10:40:08.036 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.Component’, Line 161 - function setState

10:40:08.036 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.UILibrary.Components.Preview.PreviewController’, Line 143

10:40:08.037 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.UILibrary.Components.Preview.TreeViewButton’, Line 45

10:40:08.037 - Script ‘Plugin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Packages.package_index.Roact-c4d9a64d540b-41af74df7307.packages.Roact.SingleEventManager’, Line 73

10:40:08.038 - Stack End


I personally dislike the look and feel. The classic hierarchy design that is currently in use just seems like a better fit for me. I can understand what features this would bring, but they aren’t ones I’d personally use constantly.

One suggestion I have is to make this default, but allow it to be toggled. I’m sure there’s many people who want the current design to remain. Maybe have hovering popout a preview?


@Halalaluyafail3 @TurtlesUnknown

Great question! We removed Badges & Developer Products on the premise that they don’t really belong in this widget, as they pertain to the game, but they aren’t an asset you are necessarily using inside of your entire game.

We are currently working on moving Developer Products to Game Settings. Badges are not planned at this time.

LinkedSource Scripts were officially sunset. The “Scripts” folder should still show up if you have a LinkedSource Script in your Game. If this is not the case, please let us know as this is a bug.


Can this also be a way to add folders to said Asset Manager?
So we could easily store prefabs or other things within the game?

More organization in otherwords, which I think would be absolutely amazing.
Not sure if that would be possible, still though, if we could have this be like Unreal Engine 4, that would be perfection.


This new feature looks cool, but is their an option to switch between asset manager and explorer? Some devs might want to switch between the asset manager and explorer while building.