Asset Manager is Here (BACK IN BETA)

I think you should make the sorting optional. I liked sorting by most recent because it showed me the information most relevant to me

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To be honest, I like studio how it is. I prefer the classic game explorer hierarchy then the asset manager. I hope we will always have the option.


Tried it myself but errors
buttons dont show anything

Slight issue, it’s now impossible to create badges using Asset Manager. :frowning:

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Sorry if this was posted already but not all my packages load instantly. You can load the list slowly by searching something nonsense (when it says No Packages Found) and then immediately erasing the search query. Even then it doesn’t load the entire thing until I do it again with some more nonsense. Even searching for the missing packages will still say No Packages Found until they actually appear in the asset manager. This bug made me rollback to Game Explorer for the time being. It’s also not a simple loading delay since I sat there without typing anything into the search bar for a few minutes.


Quite an issue indeed as I tend to use the Game Explorer to create badges for games not currently open (i.e. in development) which you can’t directly do from the page on the ROBLOX website, which only lists currently-open games.

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Looking great! This is gonna improve many workflows.

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This is intentional. We don’t believe that Badges belong in the Asset Manager. We have working coming over the next couple of months that will bring back Badges.

You should be able to create badges from the Develop page.


For games that are open, I can create badges from the Develop page - it’s closed games that I can’t - it might be because I have too many places created for them all to show in the list of games :thinking:

The design looks better than the old one.

I had a bug when I enabled this that wouldn’t let me snap the smaller windows back into studio. I dragged my Properties window off to the side, and when I tried to snap it back into the main studio window, nothing happened and it was stuck as being a smaller window. After I disabled the beta for this it began working again.

Please add fuzzy string matching to the search bar!
A lot of the images I have uploaded are named things like “BunnyPet-Shadow”, and it would be helpful if the search feature was case-insensitive, and also fuzzy matched (so I could do things like search “Shadow” and get a list of all the images corresponding to shadow variants of pets)

In my opinion, shouldn’t the list view be a view mode that you can toggle between list and folder view rather than a hamburger menu-style view? So basically, like the old list tree view layout of the Game Explorer.



I am part of the Roblox Beta Program so I’ll have to give this a try!


Would be pretty awesome to be able to create custom folders to organise our games

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Please make the filter use levestein distance and show ALL results, just sorting it. Also make it less case sensitive.


My immediate feedback for this is that I dislike that the tree view can’t be pinned to the side. I like being able to quickly navigate my asset hierarchy, and having the tree view as a sidebar would be much nicer.

The fact that there isn’t a bulk importer for sounds yet, or somewhere we can at least put all of our sounds outside of the data model, is frankly astonishing and really hurts my workflow personally.

Finally, much like others have suggested, the ability to create custom folders within the asset manager would be nice, as I could sub-organize my models such as by prop, architecture, weapons, etc.

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Thanks for the feedback. We likely won’t make significant changes to the filter before release, but we will be shipping a change next week that will fix the case-sensitivity with the Filter!


This is a great modern version of Game Explorer. I like it! I’m really liking these updates to Roblox Studio!

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Oh yes yes yes! Great work. Love when it’s easier to manage RBLX Studio. Especially for the newer users. Also it would seem better if there’s a “tutorial” you guys get me, or?

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