Asset Manager is Here (BACK IN BETA)

Unfortunately, I keep running into issues where, when a large number of meshes have been uploaded to a single place, the Asset Manager fails to show any meshes within the folder designated for them.

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I just spent a hour debugging while on client play the ‘pentagon’ asset wouldnt show but it would show on studio. It would be nice to have some sort of way to know if an asset is ‘pending’ vs ‘denied’.


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It’s still a pain to export / import, Animations in Studio

This feature is now LIVE!

Thank you all for your bug reports, and feature requests. We are actively resolving (or have resolved) any out-standing issues. For the feature requests, what many of you said resonates with us and we want to implement a lot of what has been suggested. Hang with us as we push towards our vision of Asset Management.

Note: Documentation updates and changes will be shipped soon. I will update this post when we have shipped those changes.


Oh no!! I had no idea this was an upcoming feature, and now that explorer got replaced, it’s even more difficult for me to search through my images. I used the old explorer to import image frames to create GIFs, and the UI was easier for me to navigate through, although it was time consuming because I had to copy the ID from each decal. Now that everything is a big icon AND is sorted alphabetically, all of my frames are mixed around. :weary:

It would be really useful if there would be an option to sort from date created or imported.
It would be even more useful if I could select images, and have a script be automatically created with a table of all the IDs in the order I selected them.

If not, I would honestly rather an option to enable the old explorer because the current one is really difficult to work with in my case.


Really the only complaint I have is how I have a place called “Database” and typing “Database” or “database” in the filter shows no results.

Other than that this feature is super welcomed! :slight_smile:

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That should be fixed next week!


I am experiencing issues with mesh importing. I have to upload my UGC hats today and I am not able to as the mesh importer is corrupting my meshes along with me not being able to see previously imported meshes. This is kind of urgent as I have to have my hats up ASAP before peak hours end.
(It’s already kind of slowing down because I’ve been trying to fix this :confused: )

(I do not have anything in blender that could be causing this).


I have the same issue a Ellzd here, while my situation isn’t as critical as hers, it’s going to affect everyone next wave if it isn’t fixed by then.


Hello, we will be flipping off asset manager for now, and a workaround will be shipping next week for loading all pages for assets so you will be able to see meshes. Thanks for the report!

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There is no purpose that I can find for having to double-click the folders to open them. Why not single click? Why can you even select them? It seems like an attempt to replicate an OS file system that is needless.

Having everything in these folders makes it so I have to click through so many different pages to navigate to different sections. having it in a tree layout as it was before put it all on 1 condensed screen where I could easily scroll to get to the section I wanted.

Having it respect the forward/backward buttons on my mouse would be a nice addition too, I use those frequently when navigating folders in other programs.

Having this new asset manager layout forced on me slows down my workflow, mostly because I mistakenly click it once instead of twice (it has a pointing icon when hovering over a folder as if it was a single click action), and because I have to navigate through several different folders that are not easily distinguishable (have to read the name, all the folders have the same icon) instead of having it all nicely on one screen as it was with the Game window before.


Experiencing the same issue here, except in my case it was with something I’d exported from Roblox and reimported as a mesh. Issue disappeared after a Studio restart reverted me back to the Game Explorer, so this issue seems to be solely with displaying and not uploading, as the two I’d uploaded showed up in Game Explorer.

We have turned Asset Manager back on! Thank you for your patience and bug reports.


Love the idea of redesigning the Asset Manager but there’s a few issues I have now that I’m stuck with it.

  1. So much scrolling
    This is particularly annoying as all my assets are named like Mesh1, Mesh2, Mesh3 and I have to scroll all the way to the middle to get them.

  2. Errors as heck

    Maybe one of them is effecting this menu? Clicking it doesn’t seem to do anything and I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do…

  3. No way to quick import with location
    As a developer who imports 3 or 4 meshes at a time for one single object, it’s very difficult to select those specific 4.
    Previously, the newest assets you imported went right to the bottom and you could just select those most recent ones, but now there’s no quick way to do that and you have to either search “Mesh1” “Mesh2” individually, or scroll for hours through tons of “Mesh1(#)” to finally get to Mesh2.

Moral of the story, as a developer who frequently imports multiple meshes at a time named different, this is a nightmare. The only workaround is pasting in 4 MeshParts and uploading each mesh individually, thus defeating the whole purpose of BulkImport. An easy fix would be to let us search by date or time.

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Hi, this looks great but I have to agree - just tried to use this for a split model and got very frustrated. Is the source or an API reference available for this? Would be great to automate uploading and placing multiple files.

Some +1 requests:
Marquee select. Folders! Condensed view. Combining files into parts or multi-asset files of some kind. Easier meta-data editing.

Also, this may go counter to the Roblox vision but I think being able to stage imports as local files first would save a lot of headaches!


As much as I enjoy the new look of this update, I find it’s design a bit too… “big”

For example, our “game” currently has around 31 places, and it used to be much easier to mass-open places so I can publish packages that are in each… but that’s a different story. Now, that same number of places takes up twice as much space:

Asset Manager places list

It used to be much easier to open places with the other list. I would suggest having an option (like in the Windows file explorer) to view elements in different ways
because right now, they’re kind of stuck as “Large icons” and take up way too much space.


Hello koob85,

Can I get the steps to reproduce that error message? Thanks!


Before when I held down shift I could select a bunch of assets between two points. It doesn’t seem to work with this. Is there a way to select a bunch of assets at once without holding ctrl and selecting them one by one?


I have the same issue. For my game I need to import 100+ meshes with location at once. The list was way better and faster to use. We don’t always need to see the mesh, usually we know what we are importing.


Asset manager is pretty annoying in my opinion, it randomly pops up out of nowhere.

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