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Hi there,

So I’ve been experiencing an absurd issue over the past few weeks where certain assets will just fail to load whatsoever. This can range from decals, textures, meshes, unions, sounds and so forth, anything that can be considered an asset.

The most prominent example I have of this is from Grand Continental Railways, where everything else appears to have loaded except for a train:


Another example from Jailbreak, proving that this isn’t just tied to a specific game:

I’m unsure if this happens 100% of the time but it’s very likely that I’ll join a game and notice a handful of assets have failed to load, as shown in the images above you can check the log to find out what exactly fails to load into the game.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


Hello Synchorus,

Can you please go to %TEMP%\Roblox directory. You should see “http” folder there. Rename it to something like “http-rem”. Now try to run Roblox and play the same game. Do you still see the issues? If the problem goes away, can you please zip your “http-rem” folder and upload somewhere and I’ll try to see what possibly have gone wrong.


I am having the same exact issues. My problem only just started a couple of days ago. The problem started just with ROBLOX player failing to load assets properly, and once I reinstalled ROBLOX a few times, it turned into both. I did what @pps83rbx suggested and it significantly improved the in game problems: only a few textures fail to load (majority were not loading before I renamed the http folder). However it did not seem to fix the ROBLOX studio asset loading issues.

Upon doing this, it actually made studio load the textures that were not loading before I renamed the file, but caused many unions throughout the game not to load properly. I am still getting the "Details: “tag expected after Byte-Order-Mark” error when trying to load games, and I can bypass this by trying to load the game around 2-3 times.

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Hi @Jbn011,

It seems this is a separate issue and is being discussed here: Assets failing to load entirely

Please keep an eye there for a fix! Hope we can resolve this soon for you.

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It sounds like the same issue, but I suppose the errors are in fact a lot different from any of the ones I and other people are currently experiencing. This happened a little while before I started having asset problems, I didn’t even realize the titles were nearly the same.

Any chance that Roblox is actively, or will be looking into this issue? A lot of people have expressed that they’re seeing the same problems so I hope Roblox isn’t thinking that we’re too small of an affected group to dedicate time and resources towards investigating it. Nobody but you has made any sort of official statement acknowledging these issues yet.


update / fix:


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