August Recap: Last Month in the Developer Community

We’re back with another monthly recap! August was another busy month for the Developer Community, and with summer coming to a close, we know that school is starting back up soon and days are getting even busier. We put together a list of the top occurrences in the Developer Community that happened in August, so be sure to read through and make sure you didn’t miss anything!


Back in July, Roblox hosted its annual Roblox Developer Conference (RDC) in San Francisco. This month, Roblox took RDC to Europe, hosting the same conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Developers came from around the world to attend one of two tracks discussing Building and Managing Your Business on Roblox and Roblox Engineering. Developers in the EU also heard from Grace Francisco, Chris Misner and a handful of Engineers and Developers on the Engineering and Developer Panels!

As Saturday wrapped up, developers hunkered down to start developing their Game Jam games! By lunchtime on Sunday, developers were putting the final touches on their games, and preparing them for the judges to review. After game presentations, the judges voted and the following teams took home awards:

Team “Feature Request” took home first place with their game Split. “Feature Request” consisted of @Zomebody, @Arch_Mage, @Ravenshield, @AlgyLacey, @Wsly and @Buildthomas.

Working together as team “Sample Text”, @Basekill, @Director1406, @Repotted, @SteadyOn, @jjwood1600 and @xXDJducklingXx took second for their work on the game Lightseeker.

Team “Leftovers”, which included @wind_o, @Flubberlutsch, @Nawtz, and @hoshpup took home the bronze award for their game Lucid Dream.

Thank you to the 13 teams who took part in the Game Jam!

From the Developers:

Over on the Roblox Developer Relations Medium, developers have been posting information on how to make money and manage money on Roblox, as well as tutorials on how to add in-game data stores and shops to your game! Check out what your fellow developers have learned by reading their articles:

Want to have your article promoted on Roblox? Send us a note at and let us know what you’re interested in writing about.

Updates and Changes:

There have been some exciting updates and changes that have been released on Roblox this month! Check out the list below and make sure you don’t miss anything!

Feature Updates

Informative Updates and Release Notes:

Content Updates:

Featured Games:

We’ve had two separate Featured Games updates this month, with a new one coming next week! Check out the games that have been features so far:

Dominus Lifting Simulator | @xuefei123
Zombie Blitz | PANDEMIC.
Roblox Battle (2018 Edition) | @TheNexusAvenger/Nexus Development
Ducky Derby | @Accidentaldeveloper
Dedoxed! | @Stratiz
Beach Simulator | @anon89973268
HEX Classic | @OrbitalOwen
Pocket Pirates | @ScriptOn
Deadlocked Battle Royale | Mega Drive
Moon Miners 2 | Centauri Game Studios
VentureLand | Team Venture
BLAST HOOK | Bomb Squad
Toy Tycoon | Explosive Entertainment Studio Tango
Extreme Skydiving | @Aorda
Temple Thieves | Sharkbyte Studios 2
Night of the Werewolf | Sons of Deepak
The Supers | LazyDev
[Battle As A Giant Boss] (Battle As A Giant Boss - Roblox) | MapelMarvel
2Plr Combat Mining Tycoon | @DarkContinuum
Elemental Royale | Turp’s Studio
Frenzy | The Blox Guys
Brickbattle Showdown| Silver Fin Studios



These recaps always hook me. Always, always, always.

Not only am I excited to see more monthly recaps about the developer community and the wonders they’re making, but I am also very excited to see progression and implementation of features listed on the developer roadmap. I’ve been hyped up for quite a while, especially regarding those Packages.

The RDC was a blast to skim through. I always hunt for GameJam games and videos because they interest me the most. Seeing what developers can pull off when they come together with a theme in mind is, for someone like me, simply breathtaking. I’ve never actually participated in any Bloxcon, RDC or other offline Roblox event so far, so I’m hoping to change that within the near years.

Finally, in regards to the updates made for this month, I gotta deeply thank the engineers for their hard work in providing us developers with awesome tools, whether that’s to help us newer developers settle in better or help us developers as a whole make our games better. My personal favorites from the ones on the list:

  • Accurate Play Solo. As the thread says, no more complaints about things working in Studio but not in a live game. In APS, we can simulate how a live server would act like, whereas before Play Solo would run the DataModel as both the server and the client.
  • Official Collision Groups Editor. The headache of using the command bar is gone at last (and Clone’s plugin is now rip). I personally did any Collision Group work at run-time to avoid using the command bar and getting confused, lost or disorganized with my groups. Now, I have a great visual editor to work with.
  • Social Media links. To summarize my joys with this update in four words: Discord servers are back.
  • GUI inset ignoring. I cannot even begin to explain to you in the past how annoying the GUI inset was. I’d normally have to set the topbar transparency to 0 and make a background frame that extends over the inset with my other elements in a separate frame using a higher ZIndex. Now, one checkmark gets rid of that hassle for me for good.

Here’s to another good month ahead of us, September. Aside from school, you know… :frowning:


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