auroraSuite - Plenty of tools for developing games [v1.3.0]

Reposted at auroraSuite - Tools to help create experiences with [v1.5.3] due to it being falsely flagged for not being substantial enough.

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Downloading via the Developer Marketplace costs 200 Robux. Prices are subject to change. Alternatively, users can download from this GitHub page, but it is not recommended and does not support me a small developer. Not all updates are guaranteed to appear on GitHub.


Any of you miss blisstools? I decided to work on this successor much quicker than I expected, and I really like how it has turned out. It’s a heck of a lot more polished than that, that’s for sure. Some code has also been improved, and should be more reliable!

That looks way better on your eyes right?

I don’t quite have everything ported over, but here’s what this plugin offers.

Character Map

Ever needed to get some useful characters copied down quick, like the Robux one or the Premium one? Now, we have a tool that can do exactly that.


Just click on a character you want, and it’ll go directly into the textbox. Then, just select the character and press Ctrl+C or Cmd+C and it’ll be copied to your clipboard!

Developer Exchange Calculator

USD conversion only is supported. Figures are based on 80 Robux equalling 1 USD.

Need to calculate developer exchange earnings from within Studio? We got that sorted.


Donation Button Creator

Requires version 1.1.1 or newer for the ability to input the developer products price. Tool is available from version 1.0.0 and newer.

So, Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation got discontinued right? It’s back, and better than ever (maybe)!

The code is significantly better than what we used there, checking is now performed to make sure the developer product ID textbox isn’t empty, and we’ve made use of ChangeHistoryService (do not ask me why I did not use it).


Also, you can insert the price of the developer product, and it’ll now display in the buttons text.

Themes aren’t a priority to port over at the present moment, but I’ll be certainly adding some soon!

Icon Pack

Requires version 1.3.0 or newer to use.

Need to quickly pull out an icon for something? Now, we have a tool, and you do not have to worry about any complicated legal stuff. Use of this tool is limited to Roblox experiences and plugins only. Any other usage is subject to DMCA.

Oh, and we also have some Roblox made stuff!


Insert Model from ID

This is another one of those I ported over from blisstools, so I won’t go into details, but again, better error-checking, plus you can finally insert models into places other than Workspace (items inserted are placed into the currently selected item).


Might add some sort of history feature in the future to this.

[NEW] Select instances of classtype

Requires version 1.1.0 or newer to use.

Do you need to select all folders inside of Workspace or another instance? Or maybe, do you need to get all the Frames selected inside of a ScreenGui? This tool is for you!

Texture Applier

Essentially the same as it is in blisstools, but without the texture themes option.

[NEW] Viewport Resolution Display

Requires version 1.1.0 or newer to use. Using the Viewport Resolution tool on the right side of the screen requires version 1.2.1 or newer to use.

Need to take a glance at the viewport resolution in Studio? We have a toggleable setting that allows you to check + updates in real time!

Ability to display on both the left and right sides of the screen.

Download now :robux_gold: 200:

Thank you for taking your time to check it out!


Wow! There’s plenty of people taht make plenty of Plug-Ins that are super-duper-good!

I like the concept, and I’ll download that ASAP

(Got any ideas of what’ll come in next versions?)

I plan for the 3 other tools from blisstools to reappear and I did want to ship an audio player within this, but I had problems getting audio to play, and I’m not entirely sure why that was happening.

I also plan for an on-screen viewport resolution size function that you’ll be able to toggle on and off.

Sound very good! I already downloaded teh Plug-In

I’m looking forward to this!

I’ll brainstorm a few features for this and I’ll reply here in case I get a gods one!

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This is a nice plugin for adding stuff in quickly. Though, what’s the reason for making this plugin cost money? What new features will be added after it becomes no longer free?

I can’t give you a definite, but here’s a response I gave above.


I can give more information now, I’ll be adding 2 other tools tomorrow hopefully.

I mainly need to just make some icons as well as fixing up some of the UI.

These are:

  • ViewportResolution Display
  • Select items of class name

Probably will be the last update before going paid (besides I have things I need to do such as mourning the loss of the 3DS and Wii U eShop as well as streaming some ACCF lol).

22 sales so far, probably the best I’ve experienced with initially launching a plugin (DisableCoreGuiFunctions is my most popular one at around 135 throughout lifetime).

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I feel like a plugin that I can make in 10 minutes should be free.

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I actually have a counter in the plugin that has only been counting the amount of time I’ve been developing the plugin, and guess what, I’ve spent over 3 hours.

The marketplace is getting too entitled to free plugins, although some paid plugins I find has ridiculous pricing (like I literally just saw a plugin that has one of the functions that blisstools has go for 100 Robux and it has 10x the amount of sales).


The only reason it took this long was due to gui design and ideas. It really doesn’t take long to make a texture applier. You just loop through all the face enumerations and create a new texture. Same with the copy character and dev ex calculator. Not saying it isn’t useful but plugins like this, especially paid, are just cash grabs in general.

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If you don’t want to pay, there’s a GitHub download with your name on it.

Just because some features might not look like there’s been a lot of effort put into it doesn’t mean that it’s useless.


auroraSuite has received an update to 1.1.0! Here’s what’s changed:

  • Two new tools: Select instances of classtype (gets children of any selected instances and checks whether the ClassName property matches what’s been inserted into the textbox) and Viewport Resolution Display (shows a small textlabel that updates when your display has been resized)
  • Donation button tool now allows you to specify a price, which will be reflected on the textbox

Here’s some screenshots!

Out on the Plugin Marketplace now, and coming to GitHub soon!

The next update will be aimed at reducing the amount of prints that the plugin uses (such as selecting a character in character map) by adding a toggleable setting.

Roughly 44 sales so far as well, thank you!

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Hi everyone! I’m rolling out the price change to 120 Robux now.

If you have already purchased the plugin during the free period, then you won’t have to worry about paying the fee (as long as you do not delete the item from your inventory).

Happy developing, and good luck to the other people competing in the Roblox Developer Challenge as well!

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However, if you like updates, 1.2.0 has been unleashed onto the plugin marketplace! It’s a simply update adding the debug mode option, which will reduce the amount of outputted messages slightly.

Success messages when clicking on a button will always appear though.

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nice plugin, looking forward for more features in the future

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I like the plugin but i think 120 Robux is a bit of a steep price because it is not going to change my entire development workflow. But witu some slight updates and changes i think that 120 can easily be justified keep up the good work developer!

Thank you!

I obviously don’t encourage it since it means you miss out on Roblox’s (bad) update system, and it also doesn’t support me as a developer, but you can check out the GitHub page where you can download for free.

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I would most likely pay for it because on this platform everyone expects stuff to be free. I dont care if it took you less than an hour to make your plugin your time is still worth money. Therefore im probably gonna pay for your plugin.

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Well, the plugin is more of a luxury item and not a necessity. So I think 120 robux is a reasonable asking point that helps improve the workflow of development. Also, it’s nice to tip the developer/s on their creations too.

On a sidenote, the plugin looks interesting to increase workflow so I’m going to get it. Good job.

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Right now we’re currently trying to get organised for our Developer Challenge project, but one of the issues that I noticed I had with auroraSuite when designing UI (particularly some topbar UI) was that being in the left was being a bit of a pain, so I’ve added a toggle to put it on the right in the new preferences page.

If this works fine when I’ve finished my bug testing, which it should do, you can expect to see this arriving shortly in an update on the Plugin Marketplace.