Auto Translate for All, More Languages, and New Feedback Program

Hi everyone!

Throughout the past few months, we have continued rolling out automatic translation throughout the platform so that all players, regardless of the language they speak, can enjoy Roblox. We at the Translation team are happy to announce a few recent updates as well as an upcoming release!

As a reminder:

  • Over 50% of Roblox users speak languages other than English. :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia:
  • Translation can increase your engagement and retention, especially for new players! This means that with translation, players will play your experience for longer periods of time and are also more likely to return.
  • Even though automatic translation accuracy is currently lower than manual translation, we have seen the same increases in engagement and retention! This means that the player experience is better with automatic translation vs no translation.
  • Translation coverage is important: experiences that have over 80% of their strings translated will see the most impact.

For more context on the benefits of translation and some past releases, please read the past announcement.

Now, onto the updates!

Auto Translation is Open to All Experiences

In our past releases, we were only able to release auto translation to top experiences. However, we want everyone to have access to the tools and services we built. As of earlier this month, we have opened up auto translation for all devs – now, any dev can go into their localization settings and enable auto translation for their experience!

To turn on auto translation for your experience:

Navigate to the Localization tab for your experience on the Creator Dashboard. Add an auto translation-supported language by clicking Add Language.

Click the more options icon next to the language you’d like to enable auto translation for, and select Turn on auto translation for either Experience Strings & Products or Experience Information.

In just a couple of minutes, translations for that language should appear in your localization table! If you’re not seeing translations, please comment below and let us know. Note: at this point, we only support auto translation if your experience’s source/original language is English. We are looking to support non-English source languages in the future.

Vietnamese & Polish Support for Automatic Translation

Next, we would like to share that Roblox Translate now supports Vietnamese and Polish, in addition to the thirteen languages we currently support (Chinese - simplified, Chinese - traditional, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish).

For experiences that have not opted out of Automatic Translation, you do not need to do anything – Vietnamese and Polish will be automatically enabled for your experience in the next few days!

For experiences that have opted out of Automatic Translation but would like to opt back in for Vietnamese or Polish, please follow the instructions on how to enable automatic translation in the previous section.

And for experiences that would like to opt out, you can always turn off Automatic Translation in your Localization settings on the website as well (see screenshot above). We do strongly recommend keeping Automatic Translation on, as the higher translation coverage you have, the better playtime and retention metrics you will see for your experience.

As always, we welcome Vietnamese and Polish translators to share any mistranslations or feedback with us in the comments below so we can improve our translation support.

Official Roblox Translator Community

In the last update we posted, we shared some plans to start an official Roblox Translator Community, and many of you were interested. As of this week, we have soft-launched the community as a private category on the Devforum.

Why should I join?

So you can meet other Roblox translators, participate in translator surveys (from the Translation team at Roblox), share feedback on Automatic Translation, and engage in the future of Translation products at Roblox!

Who can join?

Currently, this is an invite-only private community. As we are ironing out the kinks and getting this community set up, we are looking for translators who have worked on a couple of projects already. We are looking for folks who can help us set up the structure – for example, what are the resources for first time translators, what are the best practices for translation, and how to give feedback on Roblox Translate, our in-house machine translation solution.

Once we have established the community a little more, we would like to open the community up to newer translators who are looking to learn how to be a Roblox translator.

How can I join?

If interested please DM @Caelestene via the DevForum with your Talent Hub creator page (that lists your translation experience). We are planning to add members in batches, and may take a few weeks in between batches. We will be taking applications for the foreseeable future and will update this post if they become closed. We are looking for the following criteria:


  • Fluent in at least one non-English language
  • Experience translating for at least one known experience


  • Experience working with teams of translators (on Roblox)
  • Strong written communicator or has experience writing guides

Not sure how to set up your Talent Hub portfolio? Just navigate to the Talent Hub, click your avatar/username, and click ‘Edit Creator Page’.

Any Feedback?

Once again, thank you so much for your support as we continue to improve our translation offerings! If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please feel free to comment below!


@Caelestene and the Translation team


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Where can we provide this feedback? In the past, users were able to report it to the #bug-reports category and from what I know, it’s been heavily discouraged since some inappropriate mistranslations were reported out publicly.


Finally some new opportunity for the translators, thats gonna be fun!


These threads are always a great place to provide feedback!


Great to hear, looking forward to what’s coming next!


Could it be made so that when inserting a new language, that auto-translation for both options is on by default, and can be turned off later?


I strongly disagree with that. It is like enforcing a setting. If a Developer does not want auto-localization and uses the portal for the first time, it will cause confusion for both them and the translators as auto-translation was not in their plans.


These are good updates now it will be easier for developers! :+1:


Hmm, in that case, an option to set those options to true? Like, a bulk update.

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Just applied :slight_smile: Looking forward to improve the roblox localization.


Finally, something useful, but I still do to be better to manually translate or hire someone for the top 5 or 10 languages in the world.


I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality of Polish automatic translations.
There were only a few grammatical errors that needed correction and a few misinterpretation errors due to lack of context. Other than that, it was on point.
This feature really helps speed up the process of localization assuming it’s just as accurate with other languages. Good job.

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Oh wow, delighting news!!! I will definitely be trying to apply for this! Thank you, Caelestene!

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Will it be possible to opt out of seeing the automatic translations via a setting or something similar? I’ve seen a handful of people who prefer seeing english as opposed to their native language and very much don’t want to be forced into automatic translations.

The translator community thing is also a good step in the right direction, that should hopefully make it easier to find a manual translator in the future.

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Please work to make the auto-translator better overall, because it makes too many mistakes!

In my mini-game experience, I have a billboard that says “x seconds left”. The auto-translator, for some reason, translates that “left” as the direction left, instead of “remaining”! There are many more examples such as this.


Auto translation isnt always good, too many developers just blindly auto translate everything, not realizing some words are just better left in english, as an italian my italian friends play and are constantlly confused by the names, witch have correct translation , but make no sense in italian, not to mention important istructions getting completlly different meaning. Tts overused in my opinion, it shouldn’t be active by default. A lot of the times by just looking at the text it is impossible to translate correctlly, not matter how good it is, it will always make mistakes, because it doesnt know the context, it cannot see the world

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Oh ok that’s cool keep it up!!

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Just to confirm, do you want the entire Roblox platform to be in English, or do you only want English if there are auto translations?

If the former, you can change your account’s language setting either at the bottom of the website or in your Account settings page.

If the latter, we’re actively looking into this right now, but it may be more around showing translations vs showing the original. If it’s just hiding auto translations, it may be a bit confusing since some experiences use AT for part of their experience and manual translations for other parts.

For inappropriate translations, feel free to DM me or report it into the Translator Community (we’re reviewing all the applications now, btw!)