AutoShade - Make your models standout!

AutoShade Plugin

New version available!

I’ve made a plugin that makes your models look significantly better with just a one click!
The plugin Shades parts of a model randomly to make them look more like real life objects!

Plugin in action:

How to get it:


Usage tips

  • Play with sliders to change strength of shading!
  • You can use reset values button when you want to use default values.


  • 1.0.0 Released new version.
  • 1.0.1 Updated the logo.
    • Fixed runtime library error.
    • Fixed start size of the widget.


The plugin was made with Roblox TS and Roact.

I would like to hear your feedback on my plugin, Cheers :wave:


Wow! Now I don’t have to see if I shaded it correctly and if I picked the right colors! :+1:


It won’t let me install it for some reason

This plugin is great, but I would use ChangeHistoryService:SetWaypoint() to allow your users to undo the coloring if they were not satisfied with it.


Maybe I can’t tell because of the GIF quality, but does it take the main color and just randomly shade the other parts with a slightly altered color to make it appear more natural?


Hi there, Make sure you actually installed it
you can check it there: Screenshot 2021-02-03 080835
then find my plugin:
Screenshot 2021-02-03 080923
I think that will help you out, Cheers!

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Hi there, I already implemented waypoints they should be working now!


Hi there, This is exactly how it works:

How it works
function ColorPart(part) --part is part of the model that will be colored

    local num = CustomRandom.Range(MinValue, MaxValue)  --num is number between refer to *1

    local color =  --creating new color

    color = + part.Color.R + num, 0, 1), math.clamp(color.G + part.Color.G + num, 0, 1), math.clamp(color.B + part.Color.B + num, 0, 1)) -- Assign colors in that way: part color + number between MinValue and MaxValue and clampt it between 0, 1 to stop artefacts

    part.Color = color --Assign color to the part


Screenshot 2021-02-03 082655

I hope that helped you out, Cheers!



  • Just found out that the plugin was giving an error :man_facepalming:, it is gone now
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This plugin doesn’t shade the parts randomly anymore with the default 0.05 and -0.05 settings. It just colors all the parts darker until it’s black.

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Hi there, Sorry to hear that, However, it’s fixed now. Thanks for the report!


I noticed the plugin doesn’t support if you have a model selected with more models inside it. I assumed it was using GetChildren() which is was so I went ahead and fixed that. I also revamped the UI which was originally designed for my other plugin

Original UI Design - Useless Sign Generator
This is the revamped version I made - AutoShade

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But isn’t that just unnecessary extra work?

Its awesome! I’m wondering if you can share source code on GitHub. I would be really grateful.


To be honest its pointless I’m pretty sure it could be quite laggy if you are coloring bigger models.

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Also, the UI scaling is strange. Sometimes is disappears when I use it. :flushed:

Well this was an issue from the very start, quick fix should be out this week, so
In meantime, you can try @SillyMeTimbers’s plugin based on mine, it doesn’t have problems with scaling, :slight_smile:


Do you have any plans to do a colour randomizer in the future?, I use this plugin all the time and its amazing btw, thanks for your work

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Actually, it’s quite a good idea, I might make one in the future :eyes:
Thank you for using my plugin btw :+1:

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@ForLooped You may want to know, your plugin is not working now: