Avatar Animation and Collision Options

Hey Developers,

We recently moved the Avatar Type and Avatar Scaling options from the Basic Settings tab to a new Avatar Settings tab on the Configure Game page. You can find this page by going to the Develop page and clicking the gear menu.

In addition, we’re pleased to announce we’ve introduced options for both Avatar Animation and Avatar Collisions to this new Avatar Settings tab. These new options allow developers to disable users from bringing in non-default avatar animations, and change how the bounding boxes behave for R15 body parts.

Avatar Animation Options:

  • Standard - The default animation set
  • (Default) Player Choice - Allow players to use their custom set of animations.

Avatar Collision Options:

  • (Default) Outer Box - Dynamically sized collision boxes based on mesh sizes
  • Inner Box - Fixed size collision boxes, similar to the classic avatar collision.

We’re pleased to be giving you greater control over your games and look forward to seeing how you utilize these new settings.

Developer Relations Team






I’ve been waiting for the fixed boxes for a long while, yay!


Looks pretty cool!

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Very nice indeed.

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Thank god

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Definitely a good update. You guys have been on a grind lately. Good work.

Interested in trying this out! One of my biggest complaints that has been the one major thing I felt was holding R15 back was collision issues. The physics of R15 in general being quite a bit of an issue. Good to hear that this has a solution now!

Fantastic update! Recently updates have been getting good. :slight_smile:

this is great and all but why no native support for player-player collisions :frowning:

I mean, collision boxes are definitely important, but some games could really do with built-in anti-collision like a bool to automatically add characters to a collision group.

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Inner Box Collision! This is great! Does this setting mean that all characters will have the same bounding box sizes and joint cframes? @Nightgaladeld

Huh. The location of this setting is unfortunate. I am making a game that has two places.

  1. Lobby: hang out chat
  2. Arena: competitive combat

In place 1, the lobby, I want players to be able to animate and be who they say that they are.
In place 2, the arena, I want players to animate and collide strictly the same, and then look like themselves if possible.

This update was made as a game setting instead of a place setting. Either the lobby or the arena of my game will have a worse experience since they both have to share the same setting. Can we look into moving this in the future?

I am also curious why this is a setting on the web instead of in the placefile itself. These settings all look like they have to do with the code of the places, and nothing to do with the website.


The amount of “YES!” in me is too much. This is such a convenient fix for R15 collisions and should really help out with things like ladders where the ladder goes through a hole in the ceiling

You can also see the images that would much better describe my view on it under this:

Reading title…




Inner Box Collision! This is great! Does this setting mean that all characters will have the same bounding box sizes and joint cframes?

Yes, same bounding box sizes. You might set Avatar Scaling Options to Standard if you don’t want avatars to have different body part dimensions.

Regarding your second question, we will discuss it internally.


How does the avatar collision stuff work? Does it apply to all Humanoids? Is there anyway to view this collision boxes?

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Hey all,

I worked on the client code for both of these features. The inner box for avatars is based on joint locations. The size will be affected by avatar scale, but not by package, so every avatar at a given scale should have the same inner box collision geometry.

Feel free to hit me with any questions…

-Joshua Falken