Avatar Auto Setup [Beta Release]

tried this out myself, absolutely incredible how this tech works!

as a bundle creator, i’d imagine this would be a popular use case for most developers who are familiar with the workflow but would rather have some aspects automated (specifically cage creation).


Hopefully the premium barrier gets removed so everyone who id ID verified can upload assets to the public marketplace! Other than that this is an amazing update!


yes the premium barrier NEEDS to be removed… certainly considering how much it really costs to upload. They charge you robux 3 times when you upload a ugc/avatar item.

I bought my friend premium so he could upload since hes verified… then it cost 750 robux to just upload the item.
cost another 5000 for the limiteds quantity, then they asked for another 1000 robux as some safety fee saying they wont take 30% until the 1000 is made back. then we sold a copy for 60 robux and only got 18 robux (they took 70%)


Nice! I’'m sure this is gonna be super useful.


I agree, the barriers currently are kind of ridiculous.

If your items don’t sell well then it costs more money to upload something than it might end up making, which would be a net negative for creators who aren’t very well-known or popular.


I would like to provide some feedback on this fantastic feature. Despite being in beta, this feature performed exceptionally well on the unique model I created for testing. The main issue I encountered is that classic accessories are sometimes found in unexpected locations and seem smaller than usual for reasons unknown. It would be incredibly useful if we had the ability to adjust the placement and sizes of attachments after the “Avatar Auto Setup” process inside the Roblox Studio. Thank you for considering this suggestion!
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I don’t know if this is already a feature, but if not, it would be really convenient if there could be an option to rig fingers. It’s would be nice, especially for FPS devs, since it looks odd shooting or reloading a gun when you can’t grip anything without fingers.

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best ugc update yet it will be really handy for my roblox bundles! so i dont have to do caging or rigging or doing attachments anymore just have to make a model chopped up and boom


I like it, but it needs improvement. Here are my suggestions:

  • Each character is uploaded to Roblox as a model. It is impossible to delete models. Need the upload to ROBLOX option turned off.

  • Need be able to make a static head (classic head). Some characters don’t need a dynamic head, and if you force a dynamic head, the head will look weird. Static head feature should come. (I know that the catalog does not support static heads, this feature is very useful not only for the catalog but also for making in-game NPCs.)

  • 2d clothing should be supported so I need make my character compatible with 2d clothing.

  • I experienced this problem too. Avatar Auto Setup [Beta Release] - #16 by Devlalal


well i cant even use it i installed it using beta features in studio and nothing i searched everywhere also in the thing where it is supposed to be i have a full character set up with _geo parts all correctly named to i have bones to but i turned off i tried with and without and i just cant find it how to do it

In order for this feature to work, you only need one mesh representing the full character body, named “_Geo”. The “Avatar Auto Setup” tool will automatically separate your character into its individual parts. I hope this will help you.


ooh so you dont have to do it yourself

Yes, I also suggest you to read this to avoid making mistakes in the future: Avatar Setup | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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ok thanks for the help i will try!

one problem now if i select the model it doesnt recognize it as a character

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Make sure that in Explorer it looks like this.

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tysm it works now I am checking it out tomorrow

When using Import 3D I don’t run into this and have a custom preset which turns those options off. Could you try that?

FYI if you want to remove the facial animation you can delete the FacialControls instance under the Head object.

I’m not sure how that would work in practice, but when EditableMesh skinned mesh support comes out I might consider making a plugin to edit UVs on preexisting meshes so that adding 2D clothing support is possible

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The ideal format is the name of the character, then suffix _Geo at the end. For example if I had a lizard character it would be named Lizzard_Geo

can anyone help me lol i just have one error with textures
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