AVIS | Powering Moderation

AVIS | Moderation with a Cake on it

What is AVIS?

Avis is a moderation tool in beta that at the moment is being developed. Is this a changelog? No, just my personal creation. Will maybe put it as model soon, so at the moment it is not a resource.

What do it’s can do?

AVIS detect the player name when a command is executed. Example below:

AVIS can also detect the player data and kick the player pretty quickly:

Along with a endless end of choice to add commands and anti exploit.

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Our group (ignore the name)


NOTE: This is not a resource, but a explained showcase. :stuck_out_tongue:


Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 4.09.11 PM

Seems cool but there is a spelling error

This server has been shutted down

This looks nice! I may use this!

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This is very cool! I need moderation for my game and this seems like a good resource!

Love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Awesome!!! I like that!!! :smiley::+1:

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o_o. I might do a poll since everyone like it. Who knowns?

Should I make this on to a model & resource?
  • You better do so, else it’s joke time! (YES) :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Nah to be since this is a thing: NOT EVEN A CREATION. :evil:

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This is not a resource, but a showcase! Please make sure to view the poll if you would like I make it on to a resource! | @IceTheOneAndOnly Thanks you for your nice comment! :smiley: | @GMOGamer12 Thanks!

Heyo everyone! If I get another vote with YES, I will put it as a resource and show a private feature as it’s still being tested… Yep! You heard me!

Why are you making your own error codes? It builds up clutter, don’t you think? Same with the titles. I’m pretty sure just a kick message will do fine. The whole point is to inform the user, not confuse them.

I don’t see why would it’s confuse them as bloxburg use it and banned users or something like that or hackers do get a error code code once banned and it’s never confused them, as they understand that they got banned and that is the whole point.

It would confuse some people. Most likely because they don’t know what an error code is or what it means.

Here’s the definition of an error code and its use:

In computer programming, a return code or an error code is a numbered or alphanumeric code that is used to determine the nature of an error, and why it occurred.

Bloxburg uses this to avoid fraud ban appeals and to help people with their problems in-game.
To figure out the reason why they got banned and to determine if they should be unbanned or stay banned.

This is true.
And even hackers get confused about error codes.

If you forgot the reason something happened and you wrote down an error code or remembered it, you can always google it to find out what it means or email/message a developer about it.


(Don’t mind my grammar)