Awesome Roblox: A curated list of Roblox code and resources

Weird. I put the links as empty just so it wouldn’t bloat the page. The links work on my end, so I assuming it did for everyone. Oh well, guess I’ll have to fix all links now.

Edit: fixed.

Woah! This is awesome! I am super glad to be on that list also. Tysm :slight_smile:

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Bezier Path on top for da win my guys :fire:
also sup omrez

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Here is Custom-Npc (a plugin) that you can add :slight_smile:

dude I just found out simple path thanks to this list, awesome, its just what i was looking for a simple way to pathfind without humanoids.

I didn’t know about this post until you linked my creation, but thank you for both mentioning my work, AND giving me cool resources to work with :D!

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Consider adding Wally and Moonwave to development tools.

Thanks for adding my guide to your list. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Any more suggestions? There are some sections here that too lacking (#Camera for one), so I was wondering if anyone’s aware of something related. Would greatly appreciate it. Make sure you read #Contributing though (for the good of all developers).

You could add my SFX Editor plugin in the Plugins category, it’s been very positively rated so far.

This third-person camera by @ iGottic is also pretty sweet, for the Camera category.


Cool resources. Is there a github repository for this to contribute?

There was one, but updating both the GitHub and DevForum pages is a bit of a pain. I’d preferred for it to have been a GitHub page, since that would allow contributions to be easier, but hopefully this is more accessible (because no one wants to click GitHub links).

I could make the switch back, though, if more people want it.

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You should have a github, and updating isnt that hard if you know Git, a github place is nice for contributing and submitting changes.

You should add smartbone to this list.

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Hey thanks so much for the mention for DeterminantAI - chatGPT NPCs! Greatly appreciated!

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I think you meant to reply to the post itself instead of me lol.

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Hey! Thanks for linking my article, glad it could come in use for some people. I hope new developers really learn what I wrote in there!


I’m going to make a GitHub. That should actually allow contributions.

If anyone knows of a way that can get rid of the issue of manually updating the DevForum and GitHub pages together, I would be glad to know. (such as by somehow embedding the into this page.

Edit: never mind. It’s way easier to work with the GitHub page alone.

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Sorry for the bump, but I came here because I randomly found the repository in my github account which isn’t a fork. It seemed like @WinnersTakesAll did the PR’s on my one, or maybe it’s that I did the repo before OP did. but when I saw the “PhoenixCausesOof” github username I instantly knew it was the OP.

anyways I gotta go make a pull request as some stuff are slightly outdated


I forked the wrong repository. Oops, I’ll go and merge to the repository now. Thanks for letting me know.

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