Badges not being awarded when they should be

At the time of writing, I should have Good Topic(?), Great Reply, and Great Topic(?)… But I do not. This is a trend among users, as after asking around several people should have several badges but they simply do not. Or, if they do, they have too few of them.

EDIT: Apparently the Top Topics section of your profile shows the total likes in a topic instead of on the OP. The badge is probably based on the OP, so it’s likely I shouldn’t actually have Good Topic or Great Topic. Either way, I should have Great Reply, so this is still an issue.

As this is obviously very important to my usage of the forum, is there anything that can be done to get badges awarded for posts I made in the past, or do I simply have to keep making good topics and replies in the hopes that the badge god may yet visit me? And also more importantly, is the badge system actually working or is it spotty?


This also happened to me, I got given ‘Nice Reply!’ days after actually getting 10 likes on a reply.

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I believe this ‘issue’ has been brought up and asked in the past. And the issue here appears to be the same: In that the posts that should be giving you the badges, are in private sections of the forum and not public ones.

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I think this had happened me to me before, I was suppose to get the “Welcome Badge” after my First Like, but i think it gave me the badge at my Second Like.

You may not be appropriately meeting the requirements for the badges. The badge system hasn’t appeared spotty for me and I’ve been appropriately awarded badges as I meet the requirements for them. For example, minor flex, but I’ve received the Great Topic badge 5 times.

I doubt it has anything to do with the category you’re posting in but it’s worth noting that each time I received the badge, they were in publicly visible sections of the forum. It’s also worth noting that I haven’t recently received any of these except Nice Reply which I have 76 of, the last one being given 9 days ago.

Which topics should you be getting these badges for?