Not earning forum badges

I waited 2 days or so, thinking it might just take time, but I think I’ve waited long enough.

I’m not getting the “Nice Topic” badge from my post Of course, this isn’t much of a big deal for me, as the main goal of my posts is never to earn a badge. But, I was just wondering where it was.


Forum badges appears to, for me, automatically applying directly without notice.

Yes, that’s what happened when I got the “Nice Reply” badge, but I didn’t get the “Nice Topic” badge.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

In Discourse, you can only earn badges from replies and topics in PUBLIC sections (any section viewable by non-members of the DevForum).

Discourse Meta resolved this too:

A year ago but this is still happening. I’ve reread the whole forum (public section, FAQ) and still haven’t received any of the beginner badge (Read Guidelines)

Did you read this?

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Yes, I read the rules, faq, moderation and everything on the front page leading up to the beta program.

Also forgot to add that when you read a topic with over 100 replies, it doesn’t give the badge either

Tried scrolling through all the replies too? Might be wrong though.

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Badges usually take awhile to get awarded on your account. I’ve experienced up to half a day for a badge to get awarded (and 24 hours I think)

However the delay varies per badge, I don’t remember how long the Read Guidelines badge would take. It varies depending on the forum’s performance.

Does a week count? Especially for a beginner badge🤨

Yeah, had to go through 1000 replies once