Ban System Using Trello? (I'm A Beginner)

Hello guys! I need help on how to create a ban system using Trello and HTTP Service.
(I Don’t Know About This Stuff!)

I have a GUI which I want to add a ban system to but I’m not sure how.

(This Will Be An Admin Panel Game And Then The Ban Will Be Detected In A Different Game)

Help would be great!

Thanks guys!

Trello is meant for to-do lists, not for logging bans. Use Data Stores instead. You can request data on the client for the panel.

Not really help since i’m a beginner.
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And what makes misusing trello any easier? Using data stores (or an actual logging system/database) would be easier. Though I do not know how you log this information in the first place. Could you expand on this?

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Wouldn’t recommend trello for bans, or storing data (that’s what datastores are for anyways). You can always use Google Spreadsheets if you really want to store bans externally, or set up an expressjs server and store them with mongodb (or PostgreSQL, MariaDB, you get the idea).


You are certainly wrong as Trellos can be used for logging bans and more efficient. That’s why the Adonis loader Admin settings script has an area for “Trello”.


Would this work?

Also Basic Admin Essentials 2.0 by @TheFurryFish has it aswell :smiley:

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Yes, just because it’s not supported, doesn’t mean it no longer works.

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Just because an admin system also wrongly uses Trello, doesn’t mean that’s the point of Trello. That’s also for importing; permanent bans still use DataStores.

Trello is productivity software that can be used for collaboration and task management (there are better task management software than Trello, by the way). It gives you the chance to do this through kanban-style list creation.

Trello’s features aren’t meant to be used like a logging or database service. You can use the API that way but that’s not how it’s intended to be used, that’s just flagrantly abusing the API. The API is more for applications that actually need it for tasks like importing/converting (ClickUp can convert a Trello board into its own projects workflow), referencing or other such needs.

Trello can get progressively slower as you start adding more cards, running at Olog(2). A standard database will at best run at Olog(n). So your argument about efficiency falls flat. Try scrolling through a Trello board with thousands of cards; you won’t survive without the software delaying heavily.

Ban systems should not be done through Trello. Roblox DataStores are far more powerful to utilise because it internally incorporates an actual database service (DynamoDB). You have more than enough flexibility and proper tooling to create a ban system through DataStores.


Yes I do agree with you. But this can be very helpful in some cases. And I do disagree with you on the point where you say Trello is relatively slower. It is very efficient and if your game is hit with Hackers or with people who Backdoor. It can be very dangerous as most of the times when a player is backdooring as the player also takes over everything even your chatting abilities therefore not allowing you to use “:ban” and firing up Roblox studio to enter the Users name in the “Banned Peoples” list can take a long time. While Adding a card in trello and shutting down the server is way faster. You can also create Labels and give a reason on why this person was banned. I have created over 100 cards and my trello works perfectly so your argument about efficient work also falls flat. Yes this feature might not be ideal for relatively huge games but smaller games can take advantage of this feature.

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Why would you ever disagree with anyone about how slow Trello is? They themselves even have an FAQ section about slow boards.

My argument doesn’t fall flat. There are people who develop tooling just to make Trello faster and the platform itself says that your boards will get slower with more cards. I’m not just talking for the sake of it; I’m talking from experience and sourced materials.

It’s not efficient at all. If you’re using it like a logger, you’re not only misusing their service and they’re in every right to reject your UserAgent from sending requests to their API and you’re not extracting the full benefit of it as a productivity software. Database services have proper data tooling for a reason.

If your game is hit with exploiters and they’re able to do something as absurd as corrupt data, you’ve architectured your game horribly and need to address that ASAP, not “later”. Same with backdoors. Those aren’t issues you just put aside and use to justify why you should misuse services. Fix them first, ban later. You aren’t going to lose anything major by holding off. I know because I run two groups, 200K members and 50K members respectively, with such problems. We don’t use Trello; we (I) fix the issue first and handle the bans afterwards.

Convenience is no excuse for being proper and thorough about handling critical issues in your game. Don’t use Trello like a database, because its not one.

Use DataStores.

Feel free to continue this conversation in PMs if you wish. This is getting severely off-topic and the posts will most likely be moved to a PM later anyway if flagged.


Hi there,

I’ve been working with Trello based banning systems for about 2 years, only having recently moved away from them with Group Recruiting Plaza. Throughout my time maintaining this system, I’ve found that utilizing a system like Adonis for implenting the ban systems works fine, however for adding bans it gets a bit more complicated. Personally my solution was a Discord bot, but that might not work for some people. If this does not work for you, you can still utilize Adonis’s trello banning functions while manually inputting the data. (Really easy to do, this is how we did it for about a year)

In regards to the speed or reliability of using Trello as a banning system, I have no complaints whatsoever. If you are adding an insane amount of cards to your trello boards (:raising_hand_man:) it does tend to get a bit out of hand after the first couple thousand, but you can mitigate this by creating a second board and referencing them both in your in-game ban script.

Trello is not the most efficient solution, but it is one of the most accessible.

If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot me a PM!