Beautiful Island Game [Feedback Needed]

Hello! i created a game called Beautiful Island. i need a feedback.
The game is on Alpha pre order version. so, i need some feedback.


  • I design this game to be as much realistic as i can. to make it feel more nice to play.

Advanced AI Npcs

  • I added AI systems with memory to the npcs to make it more realistic and fun to play. its still not very perfect.

Advanced Anti-Cheat System and more systems

  • this game have advanced anti cheat system. and more systems like admins systems, and more.


Click Here! if you want to test the game (it cost robux right now in a few days, or weeks or months it will be free)


The terrain might use some more improvement, but the lighting and AI seems good.


I’m curious what the anti cheat is for, what do the NPC’s do?


Beautiful Island, and I must say, you’ve done a commendable job in aiming for realism and integrating advanced AI NPCs. The effort to create a realistic environment is genuinely appreciated, and the advanced anti-cheat and admin systems are great additions for maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

However, I did notice that the island feels somewhat sparse in terms of its environment and activities. It would be amazing to see more vegetation—like a lot more trees, bushes, and diverse plant life scattered across the island. This not only adds to the realism but also makes the exploration part of the game more engaging and visually appealing.

For an honest review, the game’s environment gives off a serene vibe, but the island feels a bit barren at the moment. There seems to be a lack of activities or points of interest. Enhancing the island with more interactive elements, landmarks, or even diverse NPC interactions could significantly improve the gameplay experience.


Lighting, Grass, Trees ETC. Anything on this map looks out of place of one another, everything doesn’t fit each-other’s color scheme or theme. Water is way too low for the terrain is in need of a slant terrain to enter the water, bounding terrain looks off since its an “Island” and an Island would have water surrounding, not generally a crater looking area. The NPC’s walking, clothing look off for a “Realism Game”, as the walking look stiff and the clothing looks too business for someone wandering an island and the stiff turning and movement don’t look that great either. The Trees are way too large and there’s too little of them present on the island, as stated before about the bounds the game’s island looks unrealistically generated as you would have to think what an actual island would be formed as, definitely not something you’d see IRL. The Ambience combined with the unfitting sky-box makes the game look strange because of the current lighting being sunset while the sky is midday and the fact you decided to use sky-box clouds instead of procedural clouds that you can insert into terrain, as well as the lack of any wind (and wind sound), the trees look stiff and un-moving. The grass walking sounds sound like you’re trudging through dirt or stepping heavily, not generally just walking on grass, which in itself isn’t as loud as that, the sounds would be better if they sounded like you were walking on grass as a normal person instead of in heavy gear.

Inoffensively overall the only beautiful thing is the built-in Roblox sun-setting lighting, the rest would be unappealing for a realistic game, many, many things could be changed about it.

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This game, is not realistic one bit.

  • The lighting is okay. That’s only because you’ve made it morning/afternoon and maybe changed some properties in lighting. Nothing too difficult.

  • The map design just looks like someones first map, there’s no hills, paths, detail and hell it doesn’t even look like an island, its just a boxed in square.

  • You’ve just used free models galore for the realistic things such as the trees and walking sounds.


Awesome, you’re using ChatGPT again, pretty useless, and I doubt any actual people would care at all.


I remember you made a pretty awful anti-cheat, so if you’re using that I’d just recommend deleting it as it was the easiest thing to bypass.

Selling the game for robux

Realistically, you’re not selling your own work for robux, this entire “game” is other peoples work.
What do you do? Talk to AI that isn’t developed by you? Look at trees you didn’t model? Interact with NPCs using accessories you didn’t make?

Seriously, you need to stop selling other peoples stuff as your own work, but also selling unfinished products.

Its obvious that you’re just trying to get a quick buck, so just stop. You’ve ruined your reputation enough in the past.

Calling the “game” “Alpha”

You always never finish your projects, or you get them to a barely functional state and stop working on them.

Plus, what is your final goal of this game? All you seem to be doing is walking around talking to AI, which at that point why not just talk to ChatGPT for free?

Genuine advice: Stop development if you’re going to continue doing this stuff.

Selling other peoples work as your own and claiming it as your own is the worst possible thing anyone can do, and you should not be selling such things in as much of an unfinished state as they are.

For an example of what you’re doing:

  • Get a new place
  • Add a cube which moves left and right
  • Sell for 400 robux
  • Come on the dev forum and ask people for feedback
    (What you’re actually doing is stealing money)
  • Don’t listen to feedback gained unless if its easily implementable
  • Add 2 more cubes which move different directions
  • Repeat the process.

For anyone who doesn’t know this guys history:

  • He has made several “AI” games in the past

  • Of those AI games, he intentionally added several second wait for people who didn’t spend 300 robux on VIP

  • He has made an “AI” obby game, which just generated an obby with preset models using RNG and not AI

  • He has previously infringed IP, by making a “Monopoly Premium” plugin, selling it for around 300 robux, which at release was literally just an image, and is currently just in a barely usable state, and also isn’t a plugin but a game inserter.

  • He has made an anti-cheat, which was entirely client-side and could easily be deleted.

  • He sells literally anything for robux, even when he doesn’t make it or it literally isn’t worth anything.

  • He usually gets his products to a functional state and stops developing them after, as well as denying and criticism he receives on the products.

    1. the ai is not chatgpt. it’s my own small language model that i’m working on for 1 year. that i’m running on a server using python and then sending it to Roblox Studio. This is cost for me money.
    1. i said it’s alpha because the map and more things are not perfect right now.
    1. can you please stop trolling?

Impressive, if you’re telling the truth.
Your skills in the past have been… lackluster to say the least.
Lets never forget how bad your anti-cheat was/is.

In the past you’ve said the exact same stuff, only to never finish the project or as I previously stated, get it to a functional state and then leave it.

If you want me to go digging through your profile for everything to prove I’m not “trolling” I’ll gladly do it.

You know what, here’s everything here:

VIP gasmepass on your AI which judging by your past history and the description itself, disables a task.wait() which intentionally slows down the AI.

Your originally charged 4,000 robux for this plugin which had better and cheaper alternatives, and even free alternatives as this user states.
Not only that but the plugin was also a simple string.gsub

This plugin, as this user states is lying about using AI, as well as the plugin again, having free alternatives that this time are literally built into studio.

Your Anti-Cheat is entirely client-side, and therefore useless.

Your Auto Debug also just appears to be some simple code.

Your plugins always get abandoned after they’re functional.

Your previous AI games also have evidence of including task.wait() as well as just getting information from wikipedia

This plugin, as comments say uses ChatGPT, and you charge for it when the user could just go to ChatGPT for free.

If you want more just lmk :blush:


It kinda looks like the AI is just seeing if a player says a certain thing in chat.

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This island game looks fairly good. Nice job on it!

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