Replacer v1.1.1: Roblox Text Shortcut Replacements Plugin

I had a feeling when I saw a resource with tons of replies it’d be this OP again. Harsh responses as always but let’s at least commend them for not charging robux for someone else’s public resource this time. This is a truly original work. Good job on that, but do please post these in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback and ask people ‘would this module be helpful?’ you’d be politely dissuaded from this idea there versus the responses you continue to get in #resources


Thats concatenation, interpolation is where rather than appending each string together, you “inject” the string in, so your example would be:

-- interpolation
TextBox.Text = `Hello, {username}. How are you?`

-- vs concatenation
TextBox.Text = "Hello, " .. username .. ". How are you?"

Ironically the resources you mentioned are in fact paid and extremely overpriced lol

bro is destructing his mind to mainly rely on chatGPT to defend himself :sob: :sob: :sob:


No, don’t.

Seriously don’t. If you republish a paid plugin on Roblox, you’ll most likely be taken down, and you’re essentially allowing people to commit piracy.


They’re free for personal use. Why would I mention them otherwise?

chill out dude it’s not even your entire thing

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what do you mean?

I’m sorry but this is not the attitude you should have, charging 100 Robux for a plugin, and a few days later discontinuing it. I don’t know whether anyone bought the plugin, but in an ideal situation, you should be refunding them right now.

I didn’t initially see it, but I don’t necessarily agree with @Vanniris did (since I assume you had to of bought the plugin to see the code, if it was freely available it would be different), especially as I’ve seen my friends plugins in the past be redistributed on a hacking forum, and they’re barely getting anything as it is.

Database Editor is getting under £1 per sale, and Interface Tools is getting just above £1 per sale. So, I’d like you to see the overpriced aspect in a different light, please.

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I think they were referring to this

instead of this, where i clearly mentioned that it was charged:


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Anyway, old topic.

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No they’re not. They used to be before roblox added the ability to sell plug-ins. Now they cost 2-10k robux. And many used to sell such stuff

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Can I just say something? If you’re going to buy one of these plugins, please buy from instead of Roblox.

Anyways, these tools were free for a long while some of the creators had access to the Plugin Marketplace. Either way, with the Plugin Marketplace, Moon Animator is making about £4 per sale on Roblox, and I would imagine these tools are earning a similar amount unfortunately.

u didnt even include the updatefps function in the rep example.

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The old one got taken doen for the same reason, so I believe this one will to.

i don’t mean to be harsh, O really don’t, but please just stop making these crappy “resources”. All they do is add bloat and then get taken off like a few days later because you can’t handle criticism at all.

I’ll confirm everybody’s suspicions here. I owned the v1 of it, I paid the money. It’s literally just a bloated gsub call. Don’t waste your money on this and I suggest you mute op’s account.

If you would like the code, DM me.


Fakest answer I’ve heard today by you.

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That github bait is insane, I thought it was actually free.

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It’s not a bad thing thing, as long as it’s free. I made a module that appends asset IDs to a respective table. It’s easy to do, but tedious, since you must make cases for each asset type, then you have customization. The module started being just 1 table with decals and textures and evolved into having each asset type, and a lot of arguments lol. It’s called asset dictionary (misleading, it’s rather an array but whatever) also I’m about to release a new version too. Ignore this shameless plug but my original point still stands.

Literally the same thing except you defined the fps??? Is bro ok??

This thread is useful! It taught me what string.format is and the fact interpolation isn’t concatenation. That’s it.