AIB🤖 VERSION ✌️ (v2.4.1 PLUGIN⛏️) AI Chat Bot [⏬140+]

In the “About the “Community Resources” Category”, it says that private resources also belong here, not just paid and free and open source resources

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Emphasis on the “for showcasing” portion

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Why are people complaining about the plugin so much?

If that was the case, then it would not be related to the community plugin. The plugin was placed in the creations feedback category by mistake. Plus, I don’t think GPT is a paid service if you don’t send very many requests (at least for older versions).

Seems like a high-quality plugin, but not really because it doesn’t use DockWidgetPluginGui so you can’t have it open while writing the script.

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Sorry, but I don’t think this plugin is worth 160 robux at all. You should explain why AIB is better than just going to ChatGPT and asking directly because it’s very unclear why it costs that much.

Don’t come at me with the “I think” when you actually have not done simple research.

I am extremely familiar with OpenAI use OpenAI’s API for various applications I have developed. The OpenAI API does cost money for every model, no matter your usage amount. You can view the pricing here.

This uses the Davinci model (when it should be using 3.5 turbo which is better fit and much (10x) cheaper). It depends on the prompts he is providing for the system, but you can expect to be racking up a pretty large bill considering you are paying $0.02 per 1k tokens. This will add up fast, trust me.

The only way to use a GPT model for free directly from OpenAI is via ChatGPT which is powered by the 3.5 turbo model.

Surprised you consider grammar equivalent to that of an 8 year old “high quality”.


I fail to see how this is useful as a roblox studio plugin.

Sure, it’s cool and all, but all it does is use an openai api key, not mentioning you have to PAY for it. Furthermore, instead of saying

It should just be,

AIB 2 Apps

    1. Scripter - ChatGPT write for you scripts.
    1. Create - ChatGPT create for you objects.
    1. Fix - ChatGpt fix your scripts.
    1. TextBox Code - you can add how much code you want in one textbox
    1. Helper Mode - enable helper mode for aib explain what he did
    1. Improve Code - like fix but improve
    1. Scripter Mode - change what ChatGPT script you can change to local script or server >script (you can keep it off for ChatGPT write the code what he think this belongs to It is >recommended to leave it turned off unless you need something special)
    1. AI Mode - taking the scripter and the create mode and combines them together >and makes them better

The only original thing you did was the “create mode”, which I’m thinking just asks ChatGPT how to create something, and then just executes the code on the plugins end.

If you really wanted this to be a good plugin, atleast try to come up with a few more things that are original and that you don’t have to pay for.

Theres no reason we should use your plugin instead of just going to the chatgpt website.

Just now realizing you have to PAY for a plugin that just uses a OPENAI API KEY which you also have to pay for.

For anyone who doesn’t want to read my lengthy reply, this is just chatgpt inside roblox studio, your just paying for chatgpt.

(Before trying to snap back at me for the crappy plugins I posted, take into consideration I have learned a lot since then, and I posted those over a year ago.)


The creator of the plugin said they used Google Translate.

Ah, that’s what I was thinking of. I guess I was wrong about the pricing of GPT.

Still, this is not the reason why the post was taken down.

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There is no way to 100% confirm why the post was taken down, however I did report the post for this reason and staff responded to my post “agreeing there was an issue” and then promptly took the post down.

The grammar is not the only reason I would not call this high quality. The fact that it is using a model (Davinci) that is WORSE than ChatGPT (which is free) is completely hilarious. Using the API for the GPT 3.5 turbo model (same model as ChatGPT) still costs money but at least it is 10x cheaper at $0.002 per 1k tokens.

The post refuses to disclose any of this info, all it tells you about is how to get your API key. This is extremely misleading as some, like you, might believe that using the API is free and that they will only have to pay the upfront cost.


True. You’re only paying for the “seamless integration” this plugin provides. This plugin should be free to compensate for that.

However, this plugin has done a better job than using ChatGPT by manipulating the prompt, but you could easily decode it and find out what the prompt is, rendering the plugin basically useless.

I agree.

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Quite the reasons. Deprecated content, promoting this plugin as “way better than ChatGPT for Studio” (which is not, because it’s an older model) and, I don’t know where you got “high-quality” plugin from if this one has horrendous English (no translator was used, because Google Translate wouldn’t be dumb enough to say “eazy” or “worng”), no docking, not the best UI and, obviously, you have to pay for it. And because we have no idea what the hell we’re requesting, unless we take a look in the source code, it probably can drain our money for useless content in the prompt anyway. This is, if we consider “High-quality” plugins as very popular and useful ones, such as the Datastore editor, and Moon Animator.

Additionally, this guy has a terrible reputation in the DevForum for misleading and rushed plugins that he tried to sell. After this, he made his plugins “freemium” which basically are existing things (like a calculator) imported to Studio, but worse, with like a “premium” option that gives what, one feature? Plus, this person is quite the childish. Just look at how he forms his sentences, IGNORES constructive feedback, praises his plugins as they were perfect and crap, and instead of improving it, after we give him feedback he gives up and makes something new, and the cycle repeats.

I don’t think* we need a Chat AI in Studio anyway. What, ChatGPT exists. It’s free, and easier to use.


Kindly refer to this:

Like @OneEDM said, do simple research before assuming I’m wrong. unless he’s wrong, of course.

Those are the only drawbacks, which could be easily fixed in an update. Look into the future, not the present. Think of what this plugin could become, not what it is now.

Are you talking about these?

I guess I see your point here. These are low quality plugins, but I believe this person focuses more on multiple tools instead of one single tool, so they are essentially taking quantity over quality. I disagree with that kind of production style myself, but it is what it is here. This topic is about one plugin, however, so we should discuss the one plugin.

maybe he couldn’t translate it
@WHYI_MFAT explain yourself.

please don't be a hypocrit

Refer to this:

Don’t take this the wrong way. I know it was a typo. This is just a joke, but it emphasizes how easy it is to construct English sentences incorrectly.

I stated this in my last reply:

In this case, I support your point.

I wouldn’t say easier to use. It’s free and better, but not easier. GPT 4 is already released in the form of Bing AI, which is better than ChatGPT. The only drawback is that it has a limit of 20 requests per day and isn’t very good at coding without heavily manipulating the prompt, which is the same problem that all AI has. The best AI out there is the one Roblox integrated into studio recently.

But apparently, 80+ people got this plugin, considering the topic’s name. 40 viewers visited the “AIB official website”. 78 of those people used the link to go to the download page. So, this plugin isn’t completely useless to the plugin developer. They’re making money; good for them.

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cough fixed

Point is, the plugin can be better, but the developer can’t achieve that because obviously feedback does not exist in his vocabulary.

… And a few that got taken down because many people reported it for like, actual useless plugins? His FSA bot was hardcoded to such limit that it does an astonishing amount of 5 things, with 428 if statements, and that costed you 160 robux. Then he pulled out some “Quest AI” (which wasn’t an AI, I think you were there and saw it, but of course, I forgot), which is a blatant Wikipedia API that returns the header with zero filter, and when he did implement filtering, it was string.gsub.

So that yeah, it’s the developer. If someone with enough skills made something similar, it could work. But this? Probably a lost cause.


cough GitHub Copilot.


Whyimfat just doesn’t try. Of course, the lazy poor grammar can be excused by Google Translate, however Google Translate doesn’t do things like “eazy”, and assuming he thought WIkipedia API was “searching on google,” I wouldn’t trust that he meant Google Translate, along with the fact he has an english keyboard and can type english (check the video in his website). But, the poor programming, the capitals, and the emojis, along with he didn’t even edit out the part of the video in his website, where the plugin errored.

The plugin can’t be better in the hands of Whyimfat. I can tell what AIB is meant to be, with the attempt of branding on the website, and the “suite” of plugins, however personally when my projects reach a low end (never in a million years thid bad), I burn the project. AIB needs to be burned. Whyimfat should learn better programming along with UI skills in order to produce an actually useful plugin.


Is using another language outside language categories against the rules? Because I mean, @WHYI_MFAT:

read this


time to get banned from devforum

No, however he’s at least on 1-2 strikes due to the Quest AI post being deleted (among most likely others), instead of just the normal locking and unlisting.

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Yea, noticed they were just, gone, not unlisted. Staff finally doing their job :+1:

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Just because they went to the download page does not mean they actually bought the plugin. I have gone to the download page once to check the rating along with the price of the plugin. Yet, I still have not purchased this plugin.

Just a thought,

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Was mainly referring to the download count of the topic’s title.

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Oh! (He could be lying but who knows) The title was so engulfed in unnecessary words and emojis it was hard to tell what that was (I am using IOS so the emoji might look a little different.)

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Great plugin! 5 stars! :star::star::star::star::star: