Best Ways to Learn To Build

I wouldn’t suggest to much plugins in my reply however Studio Build Suite, F3X are some useful plugins to use it depends on which ones your more comfortable with things like gapefill and others are good as well.

Other than that I find Stravant’s plugins really good when building. Especially ResizeAlign, GapFill, overall I won’t go to far in this reply if your looking for more plugin recommendations I would perhaps checking this out as there are a lot of plugins they have been suggested by different users - developers.


From experience, I recommend watching speed builds in youtube, then keep on practicing. Make sure you keep motivated though. Practice makes perfect!

Hope this helps!
Happy Developing!


I started many years ago and the first thing I made was a slanty grey studded brick with the walls falling of.

Practice is the best method to learn and experimenting with the different tools ROBLOX studio has to offer.

Personally I’m a reasonable developer but I struggle with the creative side of things and a struggle with imagination so I use google maps/earth or go for a walk (dorset countryside is a perk). Seriously though go for a walk and take notice on buildings, cafes, houses and it would really inspire you. The only difference in development to builders on a worksite is that you won’t have a hard hat or a cement mixer.

Developer Hub, Hidden Developers, YouTube or even on 3rd party websites such as 3DWarehouse will help.

I really do recommend this YouTuber called ModelCreator? I think that’s his name someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Good luck anyway.

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There are many topics related to this question. I suggest searching some up. However, I will provide some examples:

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Im going to answer it shortly and simple.

Just build the basic design first. Eventually, if you’re creative. You’ll have a weird desire to improve.

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I’m probably going to be the werid one in this, because everyone suggested practicing and stuff, I suggest you to do experiments with building stuff that you havent tried

I started developing for a group even though I had almost ZERO experience with studio, suddenly they decided for us to make another game and there was going to be multiple builders, then I started experimenting with unions, materials, terrain, fog, lighting… untill they got rid of all the builders and let me do the work

even though I failed school because i was heavily focused on building the game, it became my proudest work and all that with no skill, just me experimenting the features of studio

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I started with Terrain, I already had scripting knowledge I just couldn’t build. Anyway I started with Terrain so I could familiarise myself with some of studios tools. I would then just practice terrain and make small little maps and copy other peoples buildings and see how they built what they built, I’d add to that building or just leave it the same.

Another thing I’d do is starting making low poly assets on blender and import them into studio since you may need to use that in the future - just a thought though.

Hope this is helps a little. :slight_smile:

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You can search up for terrain tutorials on youtube, They can come of as really helpful and are good for big maps, If you want to build models i recommend you start off by taking a model from the toolbox and looking at it, then try to replicate the model but add in your own details. That’s how I personally learned it. Goodluck with building!

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Practice is honestly probably the best way, just spend a lot of time building different things, trying different styles and along the way you will learn new things and how to use different tools. Also tutorials from the developer hub can help people use different tools and how to develop as a builder.

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The best way to learn how to build is to first learn the different features and tool provided within studio such as Move, Scale, Rotate and so on.
Next you should pick a small project, maybe something like a house or a household item that you wish to create and then attempt to make it.
Learning to build is rather easy and comes with extensive practice. The main issue I find most builders have is coming up with a design. For beginners I would recommend using a photo or drawing to use and aim to recreate it as best you can and learn from your mistakes and attempts

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Personally as a beginner I chose F3x as it was alot easier and less complicated than the complexity of roblox studio for a beginner, roblox building is all about practice, building is not always perfect and sometimes you just have to try things and fix them until you think they are right, I would recommend just taking a look around studio, getting used to it, watching a few videos on building basic things.

Thank you for the recommendation!

You mean like incorporating 3D Modeling into my builds?

Hey, thanks! Any recommendations for videos? @penywaise

Thanks for the advice! Any F3X game recommendations? @kianinja5

I recommend looking at these topics below,


This is about unions OR in short Solid Modeling.


Thanks! I’m sure the video will clear things up for me.

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Your Welcome! (30 Charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

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For terrain I really suggest this

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I’m new to building too, and I just watch speed builds and see what better builders do.

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