Better privacy for user outfits

As a Roblox user, I’m currently affected by privacy concerns with user outfits being publicly exposed to all players on Roblox through web apis, such as the ones displayed on the Avatar API.

While this isn’t as much of a concern for most, it is a bit unnerving that Roblox allows any user to scrape the information, such as the name and details, for an outfit I created which as a typical roblox user, seems to be completely private as there’s no way to view them outside of your personal customizing avatar page that only you can see.

Even though you obviously shouldn’t, you may enter personal details through the name, as it could help you identify the outfit. For example, on one of my older accounts when I was younger, I set the name of an outfit my cousin made for me by their name, because I expected it to be safe as only I could view it.

It’s sadly even more accessible with these “Outfit Viewer” games, where they allow you view the outfits of any user on Roblox. I’ve seen people go in and just casually search up random users on the website, including me, and snoop around. I’m lucky that I understand these aren’t so private now, but I can’t say the same for others who are unaware.

Anyone is currently able to view my friend’s outfits (@MyNameWasTakenWhaThe) - their inventory is currently private. I asked, and they didn’t care for this either.

It would be essential to many of us if these APIs still remain publicly accessible, but give us some way to hide them from the public, such as this privacy setting: