Blade - A free to use dashboard for open access to data about Roblox games

Blade allows you to access open data about any Roblox game, you can track games by simply going to their url on blade, which you can get from the place ID.

Blade shows you live and historical information about active players in games, total visits, likes/dislikes and (estimated) revenue*.

You can use blade as a dashboard to watch statistics about a game, you can also use blade to detect player bots entering and leaving games and liking and disliking games, such as here:

You can see an example of blade running here:

And you can see an example of the premium version here:

Blade is free to use and can be used to track any game, we only estimate revenue if the game has at least 200,000 visits but blade will track live and historical data about visits, live players and likes/dislikes for any game of any size.

If you’ve got any feedback on what I should add feel free to let me know :slight_smile:

*The methodology for revenue is as follows:
For every gamepass on a game we count the number of new sales in the last 2 minutes and the current price, we add this to the amount earned through this gamepass. To calculate revenue we then sum the amount earned for all gamepasses in a game. We apply the same process to the place itself to calculate revenue from place access sales.
We cannot estimate and therefore don’t currently estimate developer product revenue.


This is awesome. I’ll be sure to look into it and possibly use it occasionally.


This is nice!
Bookmarked the website. Definitely will be using :slight_smile:


I’m not a scripter so I’m not sure what the terms would be, but would it be possible to add scripts in game that alert the program when devproducts are purchased as an additional optional feature? I currently use Google Analytics but this seems like a much better choice (and an amazing tool) if some of these types of features are added.


I’ve been thinking about this and I’ll probably make something for it, more data = more useful :slight_smile:


Cool site

I tried to track a game but it’s been on

Blade has started tracking this game, and data will become available in about 1 minute.

for 40+ mins

I don’t mind waiting but just letting you know

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can confirm this site is epic.

incase you were a bit scared due to the fact that most sites dont have a dark mode, you might be surprised to know that this site does infact have darkmode.


This is really nice! Thanks for this.
Bookmarked this will be using this very soon.

Good job! :clap: will definitely bee book marking this one.

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Cool site, but I was wondering how you got it to find historical game data?


Awesome. In the past I’ve done some of the gamepass calculations by hand… this should make it easier. Thanks for making this free!

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I’ve heard a few games are doing this, can you give me the id?

EDIT: I think I’ve fixed the bug, have a try now :slight_smile:


This is absolutely amazing, I just checked a game I play regularly and found out its made R$ 4,000,000 which was quite surprisingly. The fact it is free to use is even better, I wish you all the best in further development.


This is amazing!

I hope this website will let us zoom in so we can know the statistics of a certain time as the graph will become more density from time to time.

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Hey Folks,

Since blade got more popular than expected, I’ve rewritten the entire thing in python as a serverless application and deployed it here: (now on the new site, so old url removed)

Eventually, this version will have all the features (and more) of the old version of blade, at which point it will take over the domain at, feel free to try your game on the new version, if there’s any problems shoot me a message :slight_smile:


tried to add a new game:

Doh! my fault, I wasn’t properly handling reCAPTCHA verification, have a try now

yep it’s all fixed. thank you :+1:

Seems nice will see the site and will bookmark it

1 Like now runs the new version of blade, if you still need to access the old version, see, I’ll take it offline in a while so please use the main site as possible, thanks :slight_smile: