[Blender 2.79] Beginner's Low-Poly Tutorial: Controls, Low-Poly Trees & More!

Hey, my name is DarkSinisterPVP. For as long as I’ve been playing Roblox, I’ve been experimenting will Blender in order to improve my skills and improve from my mistakes. Blender is difficult, that’s understandable, but it’s one of the most useful program’s when making a game, commission, or other.

Note that this tutorial focuses on Blender 2.79, and not the newer version 2.8.

Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to improve and possibly something like this,

Using Basic Blender Controls

When you first go inside Blender, you’ll be greeted by abandoned cube in the middle of the axis.

There is no visual image for this, but press CRTL + F to browse around, once you’ve found your ideal location simply left click to station there.

Simply, to delete any item, press X as a shortcut and click on the delete button to submit.

On the sides, you may check several tabs that complete different tasks. Head to create and you may place any shape of your desire.

You may click on here to change the aspects of the shape, this only works with several shapes.

On the right, you may see several tabs that can edit your shape greatly.

Viewing the bottom, you will see several crucial icons. The first one is the arrow, which moves the shape, the second is rotated axis, which rotates the shape, the last is changes the shape of the cube, pretty similar to Roblox Studio! In order, the three cubes first show a vertices selection, then line selection, and finally a face selection.
Lastly, clicking on files will let you import and export materials of your wish.

Creating Trees

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s make our first low-poly tree in Blender! Head over to create and add a cylinder, make sure it is 8 verticles only!

Now, press the top,
Now, go to edit mode in the bottom corner.
Now, press the editing button, click on the top with face mode, and press S, invert in so that you may close the base of the tree.

Now, switch to the movement option and then select “Extrude Individual” on the top part of the trunk, move this out a little bit and keep doing it until you achieve your ideal trunk.

Once finished, click on Cylinder to get started on the leaves!

On the edit setting, press the top of the Cylinder, then press the S key and press the 0 key in order to close it.

Now, go back to object and press S, expand out. Then, press the deform button and make it skinnier.

Once you are done with positioning and making the size of the leaves ideal, press CTRL + R and double press, do it until you get something like this.

Now, for the hardest part, go to the bottom of the last line, press CRTL + R and then scroll to the highest point possible, then click and press S and invert it to your heart’s content.

There are opportunities to change this to look a lot more advanced, but you’ll be good for now. Be very careful to do this, click on the branch of the tree then press CRTL + C, then press X and delete, be very careful, I recommend starting a backup! Then, go to file > export > Wavefront (obj) and then name your OBJ and select Input OBJ.

Once done, go back to the screen and press on your tree leaves then X, I then advise you to delete it and press CTRL + V to paste that previous branch. PLEASE name your branch a different name from your leaves to prevent over-riding it, once done exporting it head over to Studio for the last step.


Congrats, you’re just moments away from finishing your trees! Right click on a random area, press insert object, and finally press MeshPart.

Press MeshID.
Find your OBJ and press and submit it, do this for both tree parts!
Change the color, shape, position, and enjoy your tree!


Now that we’ve finished, let’s review some things that I get asked most commonly by Blender Beginners.

What is Low-Poly?

Low-poly, or low polygon, is a style of computer animating that uses less polygons, thus creating a unique cartoony style.

What is Blender, how do I get it, and does it cost any money?

Blender is a free animating program made by Ton Roosendaal in 1998. Since it’s launch, it has been improving constantly and has multiple new features that really change the game. You may install it by clicking the link here and following instructions, Download — blender.org.

Is Blender the best animating source?

This is debatable, but perhaps professionally such as in realistic animation, it might not be the best idea. Yet, for a game or commission it is extremely helpful and reliable, it gets things done and gets it done well!

How do I color my mesh separately instead of one color?

This is a huge issue with exporting meshes, there are many ways to solve this problem yet here is perhaps the easiest one. All you have to do, is separate the meshes and export them differently, then put them in shape with each-other.

How do I improve?

Watch videos, practice, and analyzing tutorials. Perhaps doing commissions would be a perfect opportunity for you to gain some experience as well as making some sweet cash for your upcoming projects!

How do I make different styles of trees?

These are some videos I used in order to help myself in further understanding different and unique styles. I warn you, they might be difficult for beginners to try out and I might not recommend instantly diving in! How to make a low poly tree in Blender 2.8 - YouTube and Low Polygon Modeling A Simple Tree / Blender Basics for Game Design - YouTube.

Thank you for reviewing my tutorial, I will answer all questions asked below!

If you’d like to further contact me, please message me on the Developer Forum or on Discord at Dark-Sama#8056.


I don’t know if there are different versions of Blender but the version you are using is different from mine, do you know how to help me with that?

I can’t really do what your doing


Yeah, you’re probably using new blender or Blender 2.81, which is the newest update to date.
The GUI is quite different for that and I plan on making a tutorial for that fairly soon!


Nice tutorial. I’m surprised that Blender 2.79 is used instead of 2.81. 2.81 is far more powerful and user-friendly compared to 2.79 and would captivate your audience nicely.

That was really helpful I have been surfing the internet for a tutorial like this! thanks a lot!

The tutorial is using Blender 2.79, just a heads up.

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To be honest, looks like it’s coming from a tutorial with some changes in the lighting. But great you are teaching other how to do it too! :+1:

This was sooo much more helpful than the average tutorial; thank you so much!

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