Blender Hotkey Sheet


Blender can be a very hard software to even get accustomed to. There are many hidden functions and secrets that one may not even hear about for years while using the software. Wether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, it can be very helpful to review or refresh your memory on the hotkeys and what they do. Here’s a page I found that can help you learn more:

(The preview might be small, so right click and open it in a new tab to see it in greater detail)

Edit: Added @EchoReaper’s linked Blender Hotkey Sheet made by Andrew Price. Use this if you prefer more of a listed view rather than the infographic above.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for sharing, this will be very helpful in understanding basic blender tools! I’d usually be restricted to C4D for anything I do because personally Blender’s a lot more confusing to me, so thanks again! (:


The only problem I find with this, is it’s not in list-format, which can be extremely confusing.

Some of the hints on I’m having a hard time following.

Perhaps that’s just me, but eh.

It’s good, but it could definitely be better.


The organization of that diagram is ironically in-line with how user-friendly Blender’s interface is. A list format as mentioned in the previous reply is easier to follow. Blenderguru made one that’s formatted nicely:




I’ve used both, but I like how this one is very visual and to some extent self-explanatory with cool little diagrams. That one is very useful as well, although you may visually understand less. (The main way you know what does what is knowing how it looks, afterall Blender is for visualization) :slight_smile:

Edit: Added yours as an alternative to the OP


While that one is visual, I prefer not having to zoom in to read things.

It did teach me about the knife tool, but eh.

The list layout that @EchoReaper posted is better imo.

Still though, thanks for posting it. :slight_smile: