Blender Development Resources

Hello fellow Game Developers, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Youtube Channels that helped me. Get into learning blender, these Channels helped me and taught me different things you make with blender. A lot more easier i would share some Tutorials and some Devforum Threads! and Plugins you can use…

This is likely to benefit New Developers, that are getting started into learning blender and for those,that don’t know the right tutorials to use. This is also for the Experience Developer that are still learning…

Youtube Channels

This Channel is amazing it helped me a lot with making houses and different things
Blender Made Easy

This Channel shows you how to make Islands,Modern Houses,Characters,2D Animations,Digital Painting and more.
CG Geek

This is a playlist for beginners to learn Moving,Rotating,Scaling,User Interface
Begginer Guide


CG Masters

Blender Guru

Gleb Alexandrov



CG Cookie

Olav3D Tutorials

Cherylynn Lima


Blender Smoothie

Roblox Related



DevForum Threads

Guides / Tutorials

Low Polying Tutorial For Beginners

Blender Basics And Export Guide

Modelling A Pumpkin In Blender Tutorial

Tutorial How to Use Boolean Modifier

Importing Roblox Objects into Blender Cycles

Graphics Tutorial For Beginners

Tutorial About UV Unwrapping

Tutorial Creating Fresh Skyboxes In Blender

Tutorial How To Make A Low Poly Terrian

Vertex Painted And Rendering In Blender

DeLorean Render Lighting Setup Details

Tips And Tricks

Tutorial Tricks To Uploading Meshes Properly

Optimise Meshes In Blender

Blender Tip: Auto Smooth Instead Of Edge Split Modifier

Blender Hotkey Sheet

Blender Hotkey Sheet



Plugin That Can Export Roblox Rig Into Blender

Modeling Tutorial For Beginners

Modelling For Beginners Part 1

Modelling For Beginners Part 2

Modelling For Beginners Part 3

How To Animate In Blender For Beginners

Animate Water For Beginners

Easy Blender Animation For Beginners

Beginner Tutorial Animate Flag

How To Make A Honey Animation

How To Make A Smoke Animation

How To Make A Splash Animation

How To Make A Banner Animation

Quick Tutorial How To Animate Hair

Blender Tutorial Quick Ocean Animation

Hope you find this. Thread Very Helpful

  • If i forgot to add some of your favorite Blender Channel, Feel free to show them.

If you have any more Tutorials Suggestions or Something I should Add/or fix please let me know.

I do plan on adding more tutorials and more stuff to this Thread.

I wanted to make this thread, for people that are starting off learning blender. And trying to find the right tutorials to watch!!


Thank you for these and on behalf of all the people who will use them.


Thank you for the helpful links! I will make sure I check them out when I need these at my time! Thank you!


I kinda think Blender Guru talks too much. CG Geek taught people how to make a donut in 1 minute. Blender Guru made an entire series on it.


Great resources! This is a bump post as I feel like more people should see this and have some knowledge :slight_smile: