Blender OBJ half transparent?

Trying to do a gfx, as I usually do, but its half transparent? Any help

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Select your model, go to the Materials tab, and make sure that these two values are set to ‘Opaque’ -


This is because the material applying system is a bit weird now. So here are the steps:

  1. Select your character model, and go to the materials tab.

  2. Remove all of the textures by clicking the - button.

  3. Create a new texture, pay attention to base color, change the format to Image Texture by clicking the button beside the color bar.

  4. Open up your texture, and navigate to the file where you imported your character model in.

  5. The name of the picture should start with the name of the model you named in Roblox Studio and ends with Tex with a number, if you previously have ONLY 1 material in the material output, click it. Your problem should be resolved.

However, this method needs to be modified as you’re just applying one texture to all parts of your model, some parts of the model can’t fit the texture you put so you have to separate the model by going to Edit Mode and start separating it. Just separate any thing that the texture looks off.

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I think your faces might be inverted on import but I’m not sure
Heres a post that could be useful to you: