BlockLua | The blazingly fast visual scripting plugin for Roblox. Code with blocks, like in Scratch!

Can you make complex code with this plugin. Like can you use modules and OOP or is it just something for beginners to start with?

Currently module scripts are not supported. However, I plan to add support for them in the future.

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Man, I would buy this if it was priced in ROBUX… Roblox why would you change the marketplace currency :frowning: $5 CAD for this plugin and i dont have a credit card

Shouldn’t that be updated? Because I think you can’t buy plugins with Robux now.

You’re right, I’ll change that.

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please let me know when you change it then i will get it i found a way to buy it :slight_smile:

I meant that I changed the text. Now it says that the plugin costs $5

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Maybe you could speed up the tutorials with some videos ?
I haven’t used it since there were no help files, but will take a look again.



I plan to publish some tutorials on YouTube. However, I don’t think there’s a way to include videos inside the plugin, correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks for your suggestion.


Oh yes… YouTube absolutely :smiley: :+1:
It will also promote your plugin much more.
Looking forward to them.


Would be nice if there was a way we could get it for free…but I don’t think there is!

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“Undo/redo bug” fixed! kind of

I’m glad to announce that I’ve fixed a bug that might have deleted your script when using undo/redo inside Studio.
It shouldn’t remove anything from any script now.
If you have any questions/suggestions/bug reports, don’t hesitate to tell me!
Thanks for using BlockLua!

Have a great day

Install BlockLua:

Original post:

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After not using it for the last few months… I’m glad to see… that if you go to the help icon… you can search for anything to do with (for instance)… Data … and it will show you all the Blocks that have “Data” associated to the search.
That is very helpful indeed.

However… I’m waiting for more help on the actual Block I use/select.
I see you have started… 5% maybe ?
Looking forward to it - as in my opinion… thats the main thing :wink:

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I’ll try to add more documentation for each block, but it’s just a really repetitive and time consuming process.

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I have had trouble with making the plugin save the code into a script, it just doesn’t do anything, is there anything I have to enable to make it work?

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I’m sorry to hear that. Please make sure the plugin has script injection permission.

Tool category update!

I’ve added some blocks to help you script tools much easier. Let me show you:

It’s 4 events and 1 block that can get you the character who is holding the tool at the given moment.
Currently, I’m working on making a simple sword fighting game, only with BlockLua, which will be 100% open-source and a perfect learning resource. I might share some progress about it here later on.

I hope you like this update, have a great day!


Amazing new Sword fighting Demo game!

Hello everyone!
I’ve made a demo game, using ONLY and ONLY BlockLua. Every script is made using the plugin. The game is a classic little sword fighting game, with some sound effects, powerups and scoring system.

The game is available for everyone, uncopylocked! Feel free to use it as a learning resource, or even publish your own modified version of the game (of course, with BlockLua).

Almost every script is documented, full of comments. So don’t be afraid by how huge they are, it’s only because the explanations :slight_smile: (you can try removing the comments, you’ll see it’s much shorter)

Check it out here:

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Sorry… how do I open your scripts again… that were made by BlockLua ?
I can see the Sword script … but not in the BlockLua.
I looked for a switch … but couldn’t find it (been a while).

Looking forward to it - Thanks for this.

You should be able to open it just fine. Could you show me a screen recording of the issue?