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Bloxy.Pro - Free Premium Hosting

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Hello, everyone!
Today I would like to introduce Bloxy.Pro - Free Premium Hosting. It’s a totally free hosting service for roblox related things, no payment verification needed. We do provide Discord Bot & Website Hosting.

Included - Website Hosting

At Bloxy.Pro we go all in. We Provide you everything you need, with absolutely no limits, including a free sub-domain. It’s optional if you want a custom domain, you can use it if so. Without Any advertisement of our service.

  • 15 GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Innodes
  • 5 Databases
  • Free SSL Certificates
    Free Softaculous Installer
  • Much More

Website creations are available through our Discord

Included - Bot Hosting

Bloxy.Pro provide free discord bot hosting. We have capacity for 134 free bot host users - only planning to upgrade the capacity. The free plan is good for simple singe-guild bots. You can always open a ticket and ask for more memory and SSD

  • 128 MB Ram
  • 1 GB SSD Disk

Discord Bots creations are available through our Discord (Closed for registrations right now)


  • You must be in our Discord so we can verify that you use the hosting for roblox-related things.
  • You must be a Group/Game Owner or Developer

This seems too good to be real. Thanks for sacrificing your bank account for this!

I’d recommend definitely adding a payware mode to at least make SOME profit back, unless you can sustain a project like that by yourself, in that case, good job! I do have a couple of questions regarding your service:

  • When ordering a website from the Discord server, do we only get FTP access to make the website from scratch, or will you support compatibility with website builders? (i.e. WordPress)
  • Have you thought about the future and the scalability of your project? Will server specifications stay the same or are likely to change in the future depending on people’s demand?

Thanks for reading over and again, good luck with this project! :smiley:


Unlikely, but even if possible, you’ll have to script that in studio and then link the APIs.

Note: The word “Blox” inside names are copyrighted by Roblox therefore better ask them soon in order to evict unnecessary troubles :slight_smile:


Hello, UnitDEV.
This topic has been approved by a roblox moderator. The word “Blox” is only for their experiences. I’ve read their Terms of Use carefully.


Hello, @Kostiskat!

  • When creating a website you would get access to our Direct Admin Control Panel ( Here we allow you to manage your website, though online filer manger, FTP, One-Click Install, etc.

  • We are not planning to downgrade any of our servers, but upgrading them depending on our needs to create a stable service & enough for new clients.


This looks really good, if I can get my game done by autumn I’ll come back here to set up a cool website for it. But for real, as others said, add something to at least make some profit, this is awesome.


Hello, @flamenco_687!
Thanks you for being positive for our service. The plan with this project was not to make any profits. The plan was to offer a service that would be a free stable premium service for everyone, without any cost or fees. I don’t know how we should make any money, unless we want to limit our clients - That’s not what we want to do. If you want to continue this conversation, feel free to DM me on discord - Repsect#2818


Yooo! This is so cool, thanks so much for making this!

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Thanks you for being positive for our service. If you got any questions, feel free to open a support ticket in our discord.
Have a great day!

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You too! Thanks for the quick reply!

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If you mean it was pending and then approved, all Roblox do is check the link on the topic. I know this cuz I spoke to a staff member a while back after one of my topics was taken down and before still was approved from pending by the developer relations team.

It’s only in experiences you can’t use the name “Blox”, etc


I know and I never said that did I? All I was saying is that having your post approved does not mean any thing.

Firstly, I would like to say the customisation on this is beyond, you can get further faster using Bloxy.Pro than other Premium hosting platforms like

Bloxy.Pro has everything you need all in one sidenav, and all you need is to open a ticket in their Discord Server, give the website a name and then the founder will manually send you a link and password for you to manage your website. From that point onward, it’s all you.

If you know how to use HTML, CSS, JS and PHP, you’re all set, create an index.php file in the public directory and go on!

If you don’t know how to use any markup languages or you don’t know how to code in backend, you can use code samples from websites like and construct your website using snippets and customise it.

Bloxy.Pro also offers the ability to link a custom domain but if you don’t have one, they offer by default (obviously for free) a subdomain under Bloxy.Pro. so it would be: yourwebsite.Bloxy.Pro.

Anyways, I give this a 4/5, mainly because it’s restricted to Roblox websites only and I believe it would be nice if you can go beyond the Roblox platform.

Powerful. Fast. Secure.


Also there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t mention like the free databases and phpmyadmin connection! Incredible!

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Hey, I found a typo in the website. The word “premium” is spelled incorrectly as “premuim”. It’s in the main page.


Hello, @KadenBloxYT!
Firstly, I would like to thank you for the positive review of our service!
As I read it, you mean that you have to know or understand coding to launch a website on our platform, that’s not completely right. We have our one-click install app called Softaculous installer. Here you can install over 100+ apps, example: wordpress, bbpress, flarum, mybb, etc. We also have the sitepad website builder that everyone is free to use.

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Thank you for letting me know, it would be fixed soon.

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I’d like to go into detail of how this is a literal copy of RBX Domains. I’d like to express the additional fact we have proof you’ve been attempting to phish users from our Discord. Either way, we’ll have another word about this.

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Hello, @CodexJosh & @DoekeRBLX!
Just because Bloxy.Pro is similar to RBX Domains, does not mean that we steal your costumers. We have absolutely no plans to “Fish” your clients.