BlurEffect Applying to UI

I’m having a rather annoying bug where the BlurEffect is being added on top of UI, instead of just the world itself. This happens all the time. I have confirmed the bug myself, and users of my game are stating it is happening to them too.

This is a major nuisance as we use the BlurEffect for a lot in our game.


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This doesn’t seem to be the case. I just added a BlurEffect to my game and the 2D UI is not blurred.

It might be the same bug as reported here:

Could you confirm whether it’s the same?

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Same effect, yes. It always happens however.

The post you linked did direct me that this could be causing the issue: Reconnect to Game, Improved Join and Teleport errors

Is there a way to disable this new disconnection message? We have our own UI for when a player is kicked.

This was also mentioned here:

But I don’t think Mah_Bucket actually filed a feature request for it, so I would recommend making one.


Thanks. I’ll make a feature request for it then. :slight_smile:

Is this happening when you get disconnected or it happens whenever in your game? If the latter, could you help provide the detailed repro steps for it? Thanks for your info~

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