Entire screen blurs in-game at random times

Had this bug reported by users. Started some time around last week, likely wednesday or thursday.

Entire screen will blur (as if the effect was applied) at random times. I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue myself, but multiple people have reported it. It does not go away until the client is restarted.

Any related flags flipped in the last week?


This entire-screen blur effect was introduced with the following update and is only supposed to trigger when players lose connection to the game.

Since the effect isn’t available to developers (the Blur effect we have at our disposal renders underneath GUI) this is most likely a bug with that new feature.

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We’re looking into this.


Has any fix been shipped by the developer since this bug is reported…?


Something similar now happening to me across all Roblox games, games blur on loading screen and do not progress past that point, makes all games unplayable.