Reconnect to Game, Improved Join and Teleport errors

As some of you may have already noticed, we have provided a new prompt when a player is disconnected from a game. Previously, we displayed an error with a red bar, but the player could still run around in the world. As a result, the player may not have noticed that they lost connection to the server.

With the new implementation, when the player temporarily loses their internet connection, the presentation makes it clear that the connection has been lost. The character stops moving, screen blurs, a prompt comes up in the middle of the screen. By tapping/clicking Reconnect, the player can quickly and easily get back into the game.

For example, if you are playing Roblox and you go through a train tunnel, the prompt will appear if you lost your connection and you can easily relaunch the game. However, you cannot resume your existing progress (yet). We hope to deliver this functionality at a later date.

We have also provided better support for Join and Teleport errors. If you experience a Join error, a prompt will appear and you can decide whether to Retry. Teleport errors are presented in the same way, but without the Retry option. The player is expected to trigger the Teleport again within the game.

The UI for these errors uses an updated graphical style that we expect to use for more error messages in the future.

We’re excited to provide even better support for Reconnect in the future, so players don’t lose any progress in their game, although we don’t know yet when that will be available.

Let us know what you think!


Finally, this will save us so many lost players when we have to shutdown servers for hotfixes for nasty glitches, and other reasons.
I just tested out if it works with server shutdowns and it does :smiley:.


shut down for maintenance makes it sound like the place has (temporarily) closed but definitely glad this was added


Oh my, this is beautiful!


I’ve been ready to use this feature! Glad it’s finally here!


I think I’m more amazed at how snazzy that new UI looks over the fact that better connectivity methods have been implemented. I didn’t like that red bar at the top.

Also, is this safe to assume that we may be able to get access to such UIs in the future? I notice that with a blur effect, only objects in the 3D view get blocked out but not UIs; this UI blurs out everything, including other UIs, but leaves this message window unblurred.


If a player is kicked with :Kick(), will they automatically be able to rejoin? This would be annoying if you have a moderation system with a kick command, as players kicked can simply rejoin and continue breaking rules.


I’d love to be able to have this sort of functionality, like a “blur mask” that functions like a frame but blurs anything behind it. Would be amazing for UI. Hopefully we can see something like this soon, since this is the first time I’ve seen any type of blur being done to the interface itself.


Very good update, thanks! :smiley:

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If you are kicked. You will not be provided with reconnect option.


Yeah. Are you guys doing that C side or is it some instance you haven’t documented?

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Loving it already

Now this is what I call a good update

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This also saves your players when Shutting Down.

Essentially the soft shutdown allows you to shutdown the game via the website, and instead of shutting the servers down, it’ll pop up a screen, telling the player that the server is being updated. It then dumps all the players from the old server, into a reserve server as a place holder, waits a second, and then back to the new public servers. So, you don’t lose anybody, and the players don’t have to click on anything to make it happen.


This is truly amazing! I love how you can just reconnect with a click of a button!

Very useful, thank you for adding this neat feature!

Is the blur being applied to UI as well a feature that we may gain access to in the future? If so can it be used to only blur certain UI rather than the whole screen?


Is there a way to disable this? I had a custom screen made for when the game is shut down and now that screen is covered by this effect.




We could potentially add an api to disable this for specific error like if you have used player:Kick() to kick a user out of this server.


This is amazing. Way better looking than that red text. If only we can customize it now :thinking:


This is causing blur to appear at times when the player hasn’t been disconnected.