Boatbomber - Programmer's Portfolio

Vector art by me

PSA: There are scammers who pretend to be me to be hired under false pretenses so they can steal your game files and your money. Always double check who you’re really speaking to.

How to tell it's me:

The most common avenue these scammers use is Discord. My real Discord account is boatbomber#0001 (Note the b is lowercase!) and the user ID is 235468252883451904.
I have my social medias verifiably linked to my account, which the scammers cannot do as far as I know.

If you’re ever unsure, DM me here or on Twitter!

My portfolio has been moved to my website.


This man creates the most original creations that you have never seen before because they are so original and you have never seen them before. Such a talent-case portfolio :heart_eyes:


boatbomber = One of the best scripters and epic developers you can find on the ROBLOX Platform.

And here are some questions, @boatbomber:

  1. How much did it take you to learn Roblox Lua?
  2. How efficient do you think you are?
  3. Do you accept % as payment?

Thanks :relaxed:

  1. How much did it take you to learn Roblox Lua?

I’ve been doing this for 5 years so far. I’d say I was decent after year 2, and good after year 4. I’m probably holding myself to a high standard though, most people said I was good earlier than that.

  1. How efficient do you think you are?

I think I’m pretty efficient. Not sure if you mean my code’s efficiency or my workflow.

  1. Do you accept % as payment?

Not alone. However, it can be negotiated to add a % in order to lower my up front price. I don’t take financial risks on commissions.


Just sent a friend request! I would love to have you on my team!

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Hello there!

Was wondering if you’re hireable for a Military Group?

Do you accept PayPal as the payment?

We currently need a gun system and will provide you with the assets you will need.

Your questions are answered if you just read the post before replying.





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Wow, I’ve stumbled upon your works before.
Very impressive work!

I know you don’t take commissions currently, but if you ever fancy working together please get in touch via PM!
I have a very interesting project and think you’d be a great addition to our team :slight_smile:



Greetings, I am JaymarThePG or Jay for short, me and my dev team are currently in need of a and experience scripter (I believe you are) and is capable of coding the following:

-Advanced Gun System


-Shop system

-Skins System

-Crate opening system-

-VIP System

-Much More

I have listed the basic needs above on what is required for us to hire you in our development team. If you cannot complete all the needs listed, please let me know the ones you desire to do.

I have added you on Discord at JaymarThePG#9999

My commissions are not open at this time.

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Ah, alright thanks for taking the time to read it!

I have went on to Lua Learning multiple times when the forum or YouTube had nothing to offer and in most cases I found what I was looking for! It definitely deserves more players!


Hello @boatbomber,

I’ve sent you a DM on the forum. I’m interested in a small job.


@boatbomber I have an extremely small commission. Sent a request via Discord.

Hi there! I sent a friend request on discord. Ineedpotatodev#6477

Hello! I am very interested in hiring you for a small commission (not big since I understand you are quite busy) with very good payment. I have sent you a request on discord: TNFhacks#8346

Hello there, are you still for hire? I nearly got fooled by the impersonator yesterday giving 40,000.

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Hello sent a friend request on Discord, will talk to you there user is Wertyhappy27#0534, getting off now, so ill message you if you accept the request and respond, should be something quick

Hello im extremely interested, I have sent you a friend request: strangertingz#1777

Hello there, I am stunned by everything.
Are you currently open for a small range of commissions? If so, I have sent you a friend request on discord: TwixerThunder#8537.