BodyGyros with inf MaxTorque recently broken in live servers

Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-03-02 14:03:00 (-08:00)
Date Last Experienced:

Reproduction Steps:
gyro.rbxl (23.2 KB)

Open this file in Play Solo mode to see what should be happening, then try again in a live server to reproduce the issue.
The red part stops rotating ONLY in live servers because changing MaxTorque to inf breaks the BodyGyro.

Expected Behavior:
Changing MaxTorque to inf should allow the part to rotate.

Actual Behavior:
Changing MaxTorque to inf makes the BodyGyro act as if MaxForce was 0. It makes the BodyGyro do nothing.

Changing MaxTorque to a high value like 100,000 fixes the issue.


This is affecting the entire Ro-Aviation community on Roblox and every other game that utilizes the features. All planes are broken, other post reference here:


This is also affecting tools like drones. I’m experiencing this in two of my games. I’m wondering which change caused this issue to arise, as I couldn’t find anything related to this in the release notes of the latest update (Release Notes for 467).


This has broken the “rotate to cursor” system in my dungeon games.

Set your MaxTorque to,3.3e38,3.3e38).

Reasoning for anyone interested

Using a number fairly higher than 3.3e38 will set the number to infinite since roblox uses float value (32 bytes) which has a limit of 3.4e38.


Yeah this change has certainly provided some interesting results for our boats on Tradelands

Can confirm that changing the maxtorque to arbitrarily large number does fix and retain previous behaviour.


Yep, I had to ‘fix’ all of my V1 plane kit derived planes, luckily I only had 4 to edit. PTFS must have hundreds.

If anyone wants to fix their V1 kit vs. wait for a Roblox client fix do this, in the Main localscript, search for torque, change any math.huge references to 100000

Its in three different places so do them all, example:

gyro.maxTorque =,100000,100000),math.huge,math.huge)

Then, your V1 plane kit will work.

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My game, Bunker Hill, is also affected. Thanks for the workaround, this has solved my issue!


Yeah, some things are broken. I think Roblox will fix them soon.

This happens every round in Dead Ahead with ships flailing around and making the game unplayable. I’ve also seen this bug affecting Zeppelin Wars.

I’ll try the workaround to see if it fixes.


This has broken the boats in TDTNTOR 2 - they also use BodyGyro. Will try the workaround fix.


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This issue needs to be fixed ASAP

All the vehicles in my game are currently broken because of this update.

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Seconding this, I can also confirm that changing any inf values in a BodyGyro’s maxtorque to a extremely large number like “10e20” will fix issue.

I was wondering why parts of my game were suddenly acting strange. I can confirm this.

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Apparently this issue doesn’t affect the Microsoft Store version of Roblox.

I really hope this will be fixed, it totally breaks my planes.

Can confirm this impacted my game but can be resolved by changing math.huge to a large number. Disappointing this happened as new users temporarily experienced an unplayable game just after they’d bought access.

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This has also impacted Mad City, bikes are broken

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We all can confirm

Can confirm. Last night I was playing at 3am (Pacific time) and this issue wasn’t happening, but this morning I played at 11am and this issue was occurring. It has broken flying in Feather Family.

I found that changing the MaxTorque to 100,000 instead of math.huge fixes the issue, as stated in the original post.

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May an engineer who sees this please confirm/deny it? Since ROBLOX uses 64 bit, does that mean math.huge (aka inf) is 1.7e308 and is causing an overflow of physics running at 32 bit (limit of 3.4e38)?


yup, BodyGyros are definitely broken, i only first noticed this while attempting to play Tower of Wicked Wedges in JToH, the moving platforms wobbled uncontrollably, and found that everybody else was encountering the same issue, which is how i found this thread. Hopefully this bug gets resolved soon.