BSOD when cleaning up local servers

For a little over a week, occasionally when I clean up local servers (after a team test or a local server), my computer is met with a blue screen of death.

It happens instantly when I click the clean button.

I’m not sure what to send to help resolve this, and I’m not so sure which log file would be relevant, and honestly I’m not even sure I’m looking at the right place. (AppData/Local/Roblox/logs?)

This is getting extremely frustrating to work with as I’ve lost unsaved files that were open on my computer.

This frequent BSOD also severely increase the risk of data corruption, a risk I cannot afford.


i think you pressed the bsod button not the clean up button
This also happens to me too. Autosave keeps lying to me. Maybe it has something to do with the computer specs?


What is the BSoD error code?

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This happened to me twice today. Strangely enough, I never got BSODs on my computer until today.
For the error code, I got UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP.

(edit: I ran BlueScreenView and this is what I got)


Thank you, using BlueScreenView, I see that this is precisely what I have as well.

I have three logs like this, one for every time I team create/local servers crashed.

I don’t ever remember having any blue screen of deaths on my computer previously, and this happens consistently when I press the Cleanup button in the Test tab.

(Note: I use the Vanilla icon set, and the button is disabled because there were no running servers when I took the screenshot).


Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


We can look at the logs left (try sending all of them, client/server/dev program). Not sure if the dmp will help but we can at least take a look. You can DM them over.


Hello, I recently started to get this same bug as well on 2 separate devices.

First device specs: i9 13980HX RTX 4070 (laptop)
Second device specs: R7 3800X RTX 3080 (desktop)

Both with very similar minidumps and both with UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP. Both Windows 11 Pro and most recent drivers. Mine also started recently.

Mine is same issue with OP.
From my minidump analysis I can see that this is 100% related with Roblox Studio but you definitely know it way more than me so I’m sending it via DMs.

Pretty important feature for me personally.

Edit 1: Just confirmed that this is not related with Faster Play Solo beta.

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That’s actually a good point on betas - does this occur when all betas are turned off?

Also, is this 100% of the time?

What about enabled plugins? Does disabling affect the behavior?

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I want to test this but I also do not want my computer to completely crash, considering I already get 100 percent cpu and my computer making beeping sounds when loading a local server or cleaning it

edit : the cleanup button didn’t even work

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I will test disabling all betas and plugins today however I can give this info right now, this doesn’t happen 100% of the time however it’s very frequent. I’d say like at least 1 out of 2, sometimes even 1/1.

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Been happening to me too, same exact error code. I’ve seen a reddit post somewhere with someone having the same issue, but playing on the normal Roblox client instead of studio.

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Ok I got all the info after tons of BSODs.

  1. I tried disabling plugins both from plugin manager and with the launch option, as well as local plugins, and BSODs still remain.
  2. I tried disabling all beta features and nothing changed.
  3. Probably it was not related but I tried reinstalling my graphics drivers and also updating it to the new version (which released today), nothing changed.

I can confirm that the BSOD mostly happens on the 2-3rd try. Sometimes instead of a BSOD, PC freezes completely and even the mouse is unusable and turning on and off is required in this situtation.

I could only get 1 minidump from all BSODs and crashes (more than 10 probably), a lot of them get stuck at 0% and not generate a minidump.
Sometimes when the BSOD happens I see the viewports burnt in to the BSOD screen. This includes all running clients and also server viewport.

I hope these can help.


Thanks, this is useful info. Would you mind posting machine specs here or DM? Also, assuming no BSODs in other applications (games, browsing, etc)?

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PC 1 (the ones I sent logs for and tested everything):
Ryzen 7 3800X
16x2 3600 MHz RAM
RTX 3080
3 disks, 2.5 TB storage

PC 2 (laptop, also has the same issue):
i9 13980HX
16x2 4800 MHz RAM
RTX 4070 mobile
1 disk, 1 TB storage

Laptop used to BSOD in some applications but my main PC never gets a blue screen normally. That’s why after getting the BSOD on Roblox Studio with my laptop, I wanted to test with my desktop and it also had the issue. Currently however none of the PCs have a bluescreen issue on other apps, only Roblox Studio.

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Got same problem yesterday. I didnt press clear, only closed tab with server.

Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 23H2
Installed on 10/29/2022
OS build 22631.2792

I can add that i got bsod once after closing studio by Task Manager with same error.


Hello there, today and before yesterday I had the same problem that when I click the cleanup button I get a BSOD!

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Also I had the same problem, i think when I randomly played roblox a while and I got a BSOD I don’t know what’s going on, but something seems to happen with Roblox maybe it`s because cleaning up the local servers takes a lot of RAM I don’t know…

I had one again yesterday when I imported a mesh through the old avatar importer.

It got stuck failing while trying to upload the meshes, it kept retrying on and on and it usually never resolves from experience, so I ended the task with the windows Task Manager and it did the BSOD.

This is obviously more my fault since I forced the program to close abruptly, but I’ve never had anything like this happen in 10+ years on any computer.

There is definitely something off with Roblox Studio.

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Yeah this is real bad, because I can’t really go on with Roblox Studio until this is fixed, because I need to make a Local Server so I can test my game out :frowning:

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