BubbleChat shouldn't be parented to the HumanoidRootPart

As a Roblox developer and user on the platform, I find it hard and somewhat very hard for the new Bubble-Chat to be parented to the HumanoidRootPart of a users’ character and also weird that it’s not moving and parented to the Head of a character, and also to parent it to the Head of a character as well.

If Roblox is able to address this issue and feature anytime in the future, it would improve my development experience and experience as a user because it would allow me to customize in the future and not have to deal with it not moving and somewhat beneficial for users and gameplay so in situations like custom characters or resetting (My usecases aren’t bright, but you get a general idea) and more.

In the main announcement of the Big Bubble-Chat Rework, I and other developers on the platform and the developer forum wanted the new Bubble Chat to be onto the Head of a character and not on the HumanoidRootPart as the previous chat-bubble wasn’t on the Torso/HumanoidRootPart. Having to customize (mentioned above), set and mess around with the Bubble Chat more frequently and have more priority than to get a ChatModule and mess around with the Bubble Chat there instead of customizing it in the Chat class/property folder.

I know Roblox engineers and the development team behind is working on it, parenting it to the Head and not to the HumanoidRootPart would be nifty to have and install onto Roblox characters; I did try to set the Parent to the Head but had no luck in the ChatModule.

Here is the current animation and position of the chat:

It would be nice if we could customize and if engineers behind this project could move it to the Head of a character in R6/R15 in different animation and custom characters on Roblox, and no, this isn’t a rant or begging to forcefully parent it to some body part.


My guess is that they wanted a stable anchor point to avoid having it fling around in case some kind of an animation plays. Imagine what would happen if your character did a headstand.


Precisely this. I can say now that through personal testing (I have developed a 100% homebrewed chat for my game and spent a great deal of time on UX) that anything adorned to a moving part of the character is not good.

Anyone trying to read the message has to battle the animation and in many cases it causes your eyes to strain, causes you to lose track of where you are in the text, or makes things downright unreadable if the motion is bad enough. I believe parenting to HRP was the right choice.