BubbleChat's Epic Makeover

this looks awesome but will it fix the problems the old bubble chat has had lately where the first or last word sometimes does not show

I am Interest in this update, and want to test it as well!

My Place ID : 5252896459
I have another game project soon, Thanks.

Sincerely, Kinny.

Amazing feature, now I don’t have to do anything extra to make my game more fancier than to look forward to it’s release.

Thought I have some questions.

  • Can I edit the text and how fast it tweens?

  • Can I change the background shape? i.e To triangles?

I’m very excited and Interested in this topic! I would love to have it enabled in this game, to test it!

Thank you!

Hello. I would like to have this in my game.

Place ID: 5612213890

This would be a good thing to have in my game.

Place ID: 2983400459

I’m interested in trying this out!
Place ID: 5182865498 & 718191943

I am most definetley interested in the new chat bubbles for my game.

PlaceID: 5427256860

This seems like a great new feature, recently I’ve seen chat bubble glitches alot more and can’t wait to see how this will change this! :smile:

Will there be support for toggling Richtext support like with TextLabels, Also will the little tiny line of pixels be gone in the final version? It’s always bothered me. Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 8.21.43 AM


I’d love to try out this feature, It’d be very beneficial to my game.
It’d also be nice if it supported scaling.

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I’d be interested to have this enabled on my test game! placeID: 5311735738

Can I please get the link? This would add a much more modern vibe to my games! :heart_eyes: ID: 5275941816

That indeed is an amazing addition to the platform. This could change loads of things how people see the chat as well the general aesthetics of the game.

This is excellent but it will depend on the future API changes wether developers will have to majorly change their scripts or not, anyways, if possible, please enable this in my game.

Provided Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/5612509501/700-PLAYERS-Were-ready
Provided Game ID: 5612509501

Thank you,

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Absolutely love these improvements! :tada::tada::tada:

I’d like to enroll in the beta in the following place: 5548047712.

Looks really good! I’d love to have it added to the following place.

Game Link
Place ID: 5420776780

I’m interested.

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Great job, looks so much better!

I’m interested in the beta program. The place ID I would like to be in the beta program is 3656132490.

We as developers should be able to add changes to our chat bubble. Like others have said,

  • Transparency
  • Italics
  • Bold,
  • Auto-capitalized,
  • Uppercase,
  • Lowercase,
  • Font size,
  • and many more.

The things I would like to add is:

  • Roundness: You can choose how round you want it, like UICorner. 1 for the most round, and 0 for no roundness.
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I am interested in paticipating :slight_smile:
Place id = 4481897090

This new BubbleChat looks amazing, I’m interested in participating in the closed beta!

Place ID: 5004332399