Bug Reporting Updates

With the “fourth report” are you referring to "Updates" page not listing update stats ?

The reporter of that issue already marked a staff reply as the solution and the thread is locked.


Yup, was hoping you guys could unlock it to allow for a resolution but maybe not. How would I go about getting this issue addressed if this isn’t possible - should I make another bug report?


As you can see that team is already aware of the issue so it’s not needed to file another bug report. Also judging from the response and the nature of the issue, the timeline to expect is now in feature request territory rather than bug report territory. (expect a longer timeline for a fix)


Just out of curiosity, has the team reached a decision about the criteria for the catalog asset bugs subcategory yet?


Updated the category and wizard descriptions to reflect the change. Most of the examples you shared were related to asset moderation - long term, we may move moderation issue reports out of the bug report flow, but it’s the best place to escalate for the time being.


Hey everyone! Excited to share that we’re adding clearer status labels to each bug report thread!

:point_up_2: These statuses will make it much easier to see which issues are still open, which have been fixed or closed, and if we are waiting for additional information to continue investigating a bug. Note that when we enable this feature it will, at first, only apply to new bug reports. We’ll update existing threads with their current status over the next couple of weeks.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new status:

  • Open - You’ll see this on most bugs that aren’t marked as Fixed or Closed. When an issue is still Open it means we are still processing, reviewing, or working on a solution.

  • Need Information - Even the best-filled bug reports may need additional info in order for us to track down the cause and identify a solution. If you see this on an issue that you’ve encountered, consider clicking in and contributing to the investigation!

  • Fixed - We’ve identified and rolled out a change that addresses (fixes) the issue. If you run into the issue again, reply to the thread if it’s still open or submit a new report if the thread is locked. Bonus points if you include a link to the old thread in your new report.

  • Closed - For the most part, you will see this on threads that are duplicates, off-topic, or issues that we are not going to fix because they may be by design, could be non-issues after an upcoming feature release, an edge-case, or because (try as we might) we haven’t been able to reproduce and are unable to fix.

That’s it for this update. Thanks to everyone who has shared feedback so far - please continue to share! Looking forward to popping back in here with another update soon.


Hey everyone,

Excited to announce a new way to share feedback directly on our creator documentation! Click on the [ Feedback :speech_balloon: ] button at the top of every page and leave us a quick :+1: :-1: to tell us how we’re doing and, if you have TL2 - Regular status, leave a comment to start a Forum thread about your feedback.

This feature brings another step closer to making reporting easy and accessible to all creators. We need your input along the way so please keep sharing your feedback with us!


I believe that this is a good idea so users can share their feedback and how the articles can look better for the next readers, but there is something wrong when you share the input…

Today, a few minutes ago, I sent a feedback message as a test and it seems that it created publicly a topic at #bug-reports:documentation-issues. This can confuse Roblox forum users and staff thinking it is a bug whether than a suggestion.

It would be nice if we could have a Feedback category containing a subcategory for Creator Documentation.

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Thanks for the feedback. To clarify, it seems like you didn’t notice this part of the form?

Or is the confusion about the forum category, not about the fact it made a forum post?

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IMO this form does not adequately communicate that it’s going to create a public post when you submit it. I feel like this action is a bigger deal than the design of this form suggests. A small footnote under the textbox is very easy to be blind to. I think an additional confirmation modal that explicitly tells you what’s going to happen would be more appropriate.


Notice: This feedback will be submitted publicly to the Developer Forum.

[Create Thread] [Cancel]

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Heya @Hooksmith!

Yeah, it is about the forum category because it doesn’t fit properly there when it comes to providing feedback of how articles of Roblox Creator Documentation could be better.

It would be better if creating a new forum category for this particular case! :smiley:

Would it be possible to have an “In Progress” status for when these processes (processing, reviewing, or working on a solution) are occurring? To me, marking a report as “Open” makes it appear that it has enough information to be investigated. I feel that an “In Progress” status would elaborate more upon a report being open and add another layer of transparency.

I realize the “Open” status already indicates these processes and applying an “In Progress” status might not be scalable due to the amount of reports that are open. I just wanted to put this suggestion out there.

I can file a feature request if you need me to.

I didn’t notice that either because of how new it is and how it’s account specific to TL2+; in my opinion it’s not an adequate enough disclaimer. In-fact, I wrote a topic about an embarrassing moment I had because of it…

Just to set expectations right… I had a look at your deleted topic and it was totally valid feedback and not at all inappropriate to report.

Where is this quality standard feeling coming from? Is it our requirements or is just a certain feeling you have about the forum? Engineers / writers would have been happy to take the feedback you wrote as-is.

We considered this, but discovered that the idea of “In Progress” varied so much from feature to feature that it may end up setting unrealistic expectations for when something will be addressed.

We’re getting ready to release an update to our internal tools that we hope will improve the frequency of staff updates along the way. The idea here is that we can pair the high level statuses with more detailed replies.

Curious to hear more though!

What are you usually doing/thinking when you feel like you want to see that an issue is In Progress? What would you do or not do if you saw that? And how would seeing that status on a bug feel if it’d been “In Progress” for x amount of time?

Anyone else, please feel free to tag in if you have feedback to add :slight_smile:


I would try to reproduce the issue to see if it has been reduced.

I feel like less reports would be bumped to request an update.

I would have peace of mind knowing that it’s actively being addressed and will eventually be fixed.


Thanks! 1 year anniversary on that thread is coming up dec 5 :sob:

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A lot of people would appreciate if this bug was looked into as well.


Just as I speculated and predicted @Hooksmith!

It confused one Roblox employee believing it was a bug, but only feedback. As I have mentioned in another message replying to you, the cases to fix this misunderstanding would be either creating a new forum category or utilizing #feature-requests:documentation-features.

(If anyone is reading this and confused about what I am talking about, below, it will explain better)

Ever since this ability was created, it had good impacts actually! Providing feedback is good and can engage with the people behind the documentation on how they can improve in terms of teaching new products of Roblox. However, when it comes to forum users who are Regulars (as their TL, i.e. Trust Level), their feedback is created on the Developer Forum in a category that does not fit its guidelines whatsoever. This can also easily be flagged and outcasted from recent posts.

Furthermore, the Creator Documentation has a new form to translate their pages based on your device location (which was explained by @YuckyBucket [from the Creator Translator Team] here), and with that being in mind, if someone were to create a feedback message without being in English, it can be hard for readers to get it. (Yes, they, the readers, can translate messages utilizing any software that relies on Machine Learning to provide the text in the language they hope to open their eyes, but let’s not forget that it can be inaccurate.)


  • Can be good for ways to understand the perspective of the reader.
  • Better engagement.


  • Easy to confuse Roblox employees thinking it is feedback instead of a bug.
  • Easy to be flagged and removed for not following the guidelines of the category.
  • Creates barriers if they are in other languages.

I do agree with this. Having it make a bug report is quite extreme for some simple feedback. It’s feedback, which if anything would be a feature/improvement request, not a bug report.