“About the Bug Reports category” lacks certain info on bug reporting updates

I noticed that the “About the Bug Reports category” topic lacks certain information about updates made to bug reports with the exception of @AllowBugReports recently. One update that it doesn’t include is the status labels added to bug reports. Even though they are self explanatory, I feel that adding the descriptions of the 4 statuses would be helpful for those who are new to bug reporting by making them aware of all possible labels and the process(es) they represent.

Click for descriptions of status labels by Kairomatic

There is other information that I personally think should be added to address possible misconceptions such as:

  • When a bug report is filed, a ticket is automatically filed to the internal database.
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  • The absence of a filing confirmation doesn’t mean that a report has been ignored.
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  • Edits to a bug report’s description and/or title have no effect on how it’s processed.
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I will edit this topic if I think of any more important info. If anyone else can think of other information that should be added, feel free to tag in.


Thanks for the feedback! Can definitely see if we can fix that up.


Added this stuff - how does that look?

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It looks great; It provides a better overview of the bug reports category now! I feel that the added information will help folks who are new to bug reporting as well as those who have misconceptions and have been involved in the process for a long time. Thank you!

I think that I may have found a mistake though. For this statement, did you mean to say, “Edits to a bug report’s title and description have no effect on how it’s processed internally.”? The current wording just seems odd/vague to me, but I could be wrong. Can you confirm that the current statement is correct and intentional? Thanks again!

This wording makes a report’s title and description appear as though they’re not important. Any title and description will do regardless of detail and quality.

@Hooksmith Could you possibly answer this question for me or inform music_man1996 that I asked it? I don’t know if music_man1996 saw it. Thanks!

Added a note what it means thanks.