Bug Server on a game I develop on is "broken"

What do I put the topic as? :confused:

I deleted everything in the workspace and tried to play, problem stopped… What could be causing this?

Wow, a server just opened, and now the datastores have failed to load and are corrupted.

The workspace is empty. :confused: God.

maybe its the roblox servers you attempt to join

I don’t believe this is a [ROBLOXCRITICAL] worthy post, Roblox Critical is mainly used in bug reports.
Please read this thread to have a better understanding on how to use Roblox Critical titles.


This is a bug? Something is causing the game to not work and say ‘slow server’ and it wasn’t a developer on team create because we haven’t made any updates since a few days ago.

But this isn’t proper use of [ROBLOXCRITICAL], you are not supposed to post a bug in Scripting Support.

It doesn’t let me post in the bug section.

This post is unclear on what the “bug” exactly is, and how to replicate it. Can you replicate this in any other games? For example, publishing your current game to another game, does this replicate? What plugins do you currently have?

Edit: I highly suggest removing [ROBLOXCRITICAL] from your post, this is Scripting Support.

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Also, can you answer these questions?

I use a rain plugin by buildthomas.

After disabling http requests I got a message in the console telling me to enable http requests (adonis admin)

I can’t check the memory right now, I’m not home

I am the only developer on the game apart from the owner of the game, I don’t recall using free models.

I thought you said the game isn’t loading. How are you reading an error from Adonis if the game isn’t working?

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As I mentioned previously, this post does not meet guidelines for [ROBLOXCRITICAL]

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You’ve been asked to do several things and you have not done them. Complaining about why nobody is helping you is inane.

Please reread the feedback you’ve received and attempt to troubleshoot. Try everything you’ve been suggested. If you still turn up no improvements, submit a bug report via post approval, ensure you follow the bug report guidelines.


This is not the correct usage of [ROBLOXCRITICAL] and you’ve also posted this in scripting support.

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Please check that CharacterAutoLoads in Players is enabled.

Didn’t you say you disabled the adonis admin?

From roblox studio… Not on the actual game.

PlayerAdded often doesn’t get fired in studio. Check your code wrapped in PlayerAdded events and if possible send it here. Feel free to DM it to me if you’re uncomfortable sending it here.