Cakehunterman || Advanced Programmer

Hi there! I am cakehunterman, offering Services as a Scripter/Programmer. I have been Programming for about 1 year and I script games for people! I am available for Short or Long Term. I am very passionate, kind and mature and I enjoy making games for people!

Here’s most of what I’ve completed:

Work Samples

Admin Commands System with Exclusive Features.

This admin commands system is quite special, and is well protected. Here is what the server does if there isn’t an admin, and how it deals with someone trying to exploit. (I used the same account, I just removed my ID From the Admin table.)

Door system:

Gun system: 3

Pet System:

Customization System:

Tree Chopping System:

Elevator System:

What I'm able to accomplish

Main menu system with Smooth cutscenes
Door system
Placement\Furniture system
Weapons physics
Inventory system
Quest system
Admin commands
Datastore saving
Server-Side Protection
Pathfinding - NPC Moving from Point A to Point B
Slight Game Optimizing
Intermission\Round System (Epic Minigames type)

And more - name it!

I am available for 1-2 Hours a day, maybe more depending on free-time and whether I’m busy or not. My time zone is BST.

Prices can range up to :robux: 100 - (Depending on difficulty of work) I accept either hourly pay or per asset, weekly biweekly or monthly pay. My preferred payment method is :dollar: USD But :robux: Robux is accepted too. I will not charge much as I am mostly looking for experience.

You can message me via ROBLOX Messages or Discord. Cakeyy#2977

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hi! Sizzley would like to work with you! My discord is Coolestgamet#0624.

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I Sent a friend request to you!

Hello! Are you able to script a round system? Something with an intermission and stuff?

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Yes I can! Thank you for asking!!

BE QUICK! Commissions will close soon!

Commissions are closed! Will reply back when reopening!

Commissions reopen for a limited time!

Hey! I’ve contacted you on Discord.

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This guy is a great scripter and can do many things. I have worked with him before, Definitely recommend him!

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