Cakehunterman || Advanced Programmer

Hey, I’m Cakehunterman or Cakeyy for short. I’ve been programming in Roblox for 3 years now. I specialize in game design and front-end + back-end scripting, and I am proeficient with Python and lua. I am a fast coder and I can deliver your needs on time.



I worked on a few projects, here’s what I’ve got so far;
Project: Corridor [Open Testing] - Roblox - Flee the Facility-inspired game, coded front + back end.
Shoot people simulator! - Roblox - Front-end + back-end programming.

Work systems

Tower defense system - Used OOP for placement and ray blacklisting certain fields in a folder.
Placement System
Plane System
Pet System
Admin Commands - With anti-exploit protection.
Simple customization system
Very early FPS Framework Demo
Global Leaderboard
Train system
Transformation system - Sorry for bad VFX - that’s not what I specialize in.
JoJo inspired game + Stand and attacks


I really enjoy modularizing my code into an OOP-structured manner, as well as neatly organising scripts. I believe it is much less of a hassle and makes it easier to navigate what needs editing/changing. I also comment my scripts, making it easy to follow, as well as editing important variables to your suited needs.



Game Projects

[🔥UPDATE!🔥] Mining Simulator X - Roblox - Game Structure/design, UI Design + Programming. Almost tripled sales + revenue in terms of game design.

Fight People Simulator - Roblox - Game Design + UI Design + Programming

Shoot People Off A Map Simulator - Roblox - Game Design + UI Design + Programming. Quadrupled sales + are now linear and frequent, in terms of game design.

Sword Battles Legacy - Roblox - Game Design + Programming + Interface Design

Donation Plaza 💸 [PLS DONATE] - Roblox - Programming

When it comes to game design, I generally am specialized with simulator and fighting genres, but work around all types of games. I do my best to improving sales and revenue of the game, as well as picking out any systematic progression/balancing flaws made in the game, and overall enhance gameplay to feel perfect.


I usually work 4-6 hours per day, including weekends.
My preferred payment type is USD, but I accept robux too. Percentages are accepted.

I am only interested in a percentage if I feel you have a fully fleshed-out game idea with assets already made, or if I feel like I won’t be wasting time. If you’re interested, please contact me with a description of your game, amount of progress already made, and some information about yourself in the platform and past experience.

I generally pay;
$30 USD/starting price, or robux equivalent. Starting prices of projects that are of medium-large scaled are between $100-$300 USD.


Discord; Cakeyy#2977


ROBLOX - @Cakeyy’s Profile

Twitter- @Cakeyy’s Profile

Hi! Sizzley would like to work with you! My discord is Coolestgamet#0624.

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I Sent a friend request to you!

Hello! Are you able to script a round system? Something with an intermission and stuff?

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Yes I can! Thank you for asking!!

BE QUICK! Commissions will close soon!

Commissions are closed! Will reply back when reopening!

Commissions reopen for a limited time!

Hey! I’ve contacted you on Discord.

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This guy is a great scripter and can do many things. I have worked with him before, Definitely recommend him!

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