Can only unfold code on lowest line number

The code folding feature of the studio script editor is broken in that you can’t unfold anything which isn’t the top-most line (as in, on the lowest line number).

Start with the following code:


Press ctrl + shift + e to fold everything:


Then attempt to unfold line 5 and you’ll see nothing happen.

This can be reproduced 100% of the time on my system. I believe it started happening about a year ago.

The painful workaround is to unfold everything above the folded code bit. E.g., in this case, unfold line 1, then line 5. The ez workaround which totally negates the point of the code folding feature is to unfold everything with ctrl + e.


Is this the same issue as this thread?


Indeed. Also this one, but it was a year old and I already steered the conversation in the wrong way, so I opted to make a new thread instead of bumping it.


If you triple click the words that the code folds onto it will open as intended.

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Ah, nice! This is a pretty good workaround, albeit unintuitive to come across on one’s own.

Edit: for those who’d like an AutoHotKey script, I wrote one for my own benefit. This maps the Mouse5 button (browser forward) to the triple click.

#SingleInstance force

; The next line prevents the mouse from moving while a "Click" (or similar mouse operation) is
; underway. This requires running the executable as an administrator.
; If you don't, the only consequence is that the triple click may click different pixels, so you
; won't get the full-line-selection you wanted.
BlockInput Mouse

	Click 3

Other people and I have already reported this issue and Roblox knows about it.
I don’t know when it began to occur, but it’s been six months since my report. :neutral_face:

Six months warrants another nag! :slight_smile:

It’s possible they closed their bug report as fixed accidentally, or simply just have it ranked at too low priority. I’m tryna light a fire under them.

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I’ve already gone bald from this issue, it’s too late.

Bumping. Same issue.

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