Can we still restore assets from our inventory that have been archived?

I just noticed that I accidentally archived one of the Meshes I still need.
Of course there is a transparent placeholder there still in game, but I’ve been searching for ways to restore it.

In the announcement about archiving assets it’s stated that they can be restored if needed. Improved Asset Management Process Now Live

In the Archiving assets page of Documentation it shows instructions for restoring assets by using the Restore button. I can’t see it anywhere.

I’m able to see my archived assets, but when I go to the Configure page I can’t find a button for ‘Restore Asset’.

I’ve tried searching the forums using ‘restore asset’, ‘retrieve asset’, ‘asset manager’ and a few other terms, but I can’t seem to find any answers.

Are assets that were archived years ago just deleted, never to be seen again?


go to
turn on Show Archived
restore from there

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I’m still confused as to why the Roblox site flips between the old style and the new style home screen and options.
I was in the old Inventory/Meshes screen. :roll_eyes:

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