Can you not filter search input boxes

I understand there’s filtering. I understand Roblox is becoming more safe, but please don’t throw in filtering everywhere, certainly not for input boxes used to search through the library for development, or to find games / people / etc.

Searching through the library for the “Bianco Hills” music track (which is a level in Super Mario Sunshine) results in searching for “###### #####”, and hence no results.

Just as in games, this stuff is shown to the client only and hence should not require filtering.


I can’t search up certain people because of this.


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It’s good that you made this one a feature request instead though!

I agree that the filter is not doing a fine job for legitimate messages/queries/strings right now, I think everyone can agree on that.

But assuming for a second that the filter would be doing a great job, then if something is filtered, it should not be appearing in any item title/description anyway. If they still appear, then it is because the title/description was not updated recently. So it is functionally correct that your search for that query does not yield any results, and the query should be shown to you as filtered because you can link another user to a search results page.

The problem should be addressed at the source (i.e. the filter being way too restrictive for developer/legitimate use) rather than addressing just one effect of it (the fact that you cannot use the search boxes to search using legitimate queries).


Frankly, I have no clue whether all this is a bug or intended behavior, especially with the state of filtering nowadays.

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This is a general feature for all users.

I remembered an old friend on ROBLOX the other day and went to search his name BananaManWTF and I was greeted with this.

As a result of ROBLOX not giving people with usernames outside their new filter system the ability to rename themselves, we run into problems like this. I find it very weird that for a feature that is only visible by the user. It is still moderated.

I managed to run into the old friend only by accident a few days ago and sent him a friend request whilst in-game.


I believe this is quite similar and works in the same way:

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I support this, I find it so annoying when searching for players. Even though it’s only myself that will see the results - it doesn’t effect any other player, so it isn’t really logical to have a text filter in my opinion.


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There is a reason this is done @Wonuf @Veldaren @SerClockwerk

Essentially, the people who keep posting about ‘How ROBLOX is so unsafe for kids!’ will literally use anything to make the site look bad. By filtering search, it both eliminates the ability of these people to say ‘Hey look, I can type bad words into their search! Bad bad!’, and also eliminates the chance of anything that had somehow bypassed moderation from being shown.

Well, the fact that people then is able to type “wtf” as a part of their username, should not stop people from searching it.

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I agree - maybe it is on too harsh of a mode. Perhaps @Nightgaladeld can FWD to the moderation and web team for a checkup