Cannot delete (nor archive) any models, plugins, decals from my inventory

I took a model by another user a few minutes ago to inspect it and I no longer want it in my inventory, since I don’t want to promote it. However I am now unable to remove the model.

This is a pretty bad regression, not sure how this slipped through? Deleting items published by others that you no longer need is essential for inventory management. There’s no archive feature for Models either so now I’m forced to make my inventory private if I don’t want to promote the stuff I take that is bad, at the cost of not being able to promote my own items in one place…

I was able to manage inventory at least ~1-2 years ago IIRC. Please restore this functionality.

Repro steps:

  • Take any model, plugin, decal that you don’t intend to keep
  • Refresh asset page and try to delete it

Expected behavior:
There should be a delete or archive button on any asset that I can use to hide stuff from my inventory.

Actual behavior:
Unable to hide/delete anything from my inventory that I’ve taken recently.

None, I basically need to hide my inventory to get around the assets I took from showing up for other users (I don’t want to promote them by having them visible in my inventory), and they still show up everywhere when I view my own inventory (e.g. in Studio).


I don’t think this is a bug, but maybe someone will finally look at it. I want to remove old free models from my profile, but I can’t.


The behavior is unexpected to me as a user and a regression in terms of UX value, therefore filed as a bug report.


Deleting models isn’t possible at all on mobile, and yes I can reproduce this on the website as well.

(Also I’m unsure why there’s a “Customize” button, it’s not like you can wear models on your avatar)


Didn’t even notice this happened.

In the same time period of ~1-2 years ago, we were no longer allowed to delete Roblox-owned assets off our inventories (all asset types, including accessories we no longer want). I specifically stopped taking assets owned by Roblox because of this and opted to use my favourites instead.

I checked my inventory now just in case and I can’t delete anything in my inventory, not even assets that are Content Deleted now and thus aren’t useful to keep in my inventory (e.g. banned UGC items). Why has this regressed further into no longer being allowed to delete user assets?

This is unexpected and there was no transparency about this change either. I can’t commit to good inventory management like this and need to resort to bookmarks, tabs or cluttering my filesystem with rbxls/rbxms to avoid using my inventory. :confused:

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(This method only works with the BTRoblox chrome extension)
When you are on your home page, go to the left and click “Inventory” go to the models section, click the little black box in the top right of the model, and at the top of the page click “Remove”.


Cool, so before replying you should check without the extensions enabled instead of notifying everyone watching the thread first. Yes, it’s because you have an extension.

This is a regression and unexpected behavior, so from user perspective this is an issue rather than a missing feature. It was present before and clearly the underlying API still exists since the browser extension modifies the page to invoke the API.


Thanks for the reply. I updated my post with these changes.

This also applies to any audios that aren’t content deleted. (content deleted audios can still be removed from your inventory as normal, I’d assume decals would be similar)

I don’t believe that this change is in any way intentional, because even roblox would (or at least should) know how bad it would be to do something like this for anyone that uses the library.

I noticed this issue about 4 days ago. Hopefully it should be fixed soon. I hope its not intentional but it might possibly be.

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Please please help push for the ability to archive Models the same way you can games, decals & etc. Roblox Support insists to users that you’re able to do this when users ask them about it, but then you find yourself unable to archive Models due to no option being given.


It seems Roblox has re added this feature.

I tested it on all items you used to be able to remove.

They have re added the feature for models and audios


This is the list of all assets and if you can remove them from your inventory or not:

EDIT: The list below is for USER CREATED items only, as of late 2021, you cannot delete any Roblox created items from your inventory, only items that are created on behalf of Roblox for an event (for example badges, from an egg hunt)

Accessories ( ALL )  |  NO

Animations and Avatar Animations  |  NO

Audio  |  YES

Badges  |  YES

Decals  |  NO

Game Passes  |  YES

Meshes  |  NO

Models  |  YES

Pants  |  YES

Plugins  |  NO

Shirts  |  YES

T-Shirts  |  YES

Videos  |  YES

Yeah I’ve seen this too – waiting for the staff response to make sure it is definitely fixed and won’t be rolled back, thanks.


I know this feature is here, but I want to be able to delete my own models and remove from profile. I clicked the remove from profile and it won’t remove it from my profile.

It would be great if there was a feature where you can delete your own models from your profile.

With the BTRoblox plugin you can kind of remove models and stuff from you profile. If you have the BTRoblox plugin, you cant see the inventory of players who made it private and it also does not show models, plugins and decals.

But this is only with the plugin. It would be great if it was added to the Roblox Website instead of needing to have the plugin.

This problem is still present for assets created by Roblox, such as audio.

You’ll want to take that to a separate feature request / bug report – this is not problematic for me at all.

e.g. Cannot remove models uploaded by Roblox from inventory


This issue still persists for models that are off sale (have tested with both the BTRoblox extension and no extensions, results are same). This includes offsale models uploaded by yourself or by another user.

I believe this is so you don’t delete a model from your inventory that you can’t get back at a later date.

Problem is still present

FE2CM uses Models so players can load in their own maps.
However this bug prevents me from being able to moderate and remove stolen content which people are using to play in game.

I had been requested by an original map maker from their own game that their map was stolen via third party software and the person who stole it has added the rest of the functionality back in that server-sided to make it compatible with my game.

From my experience the further back items are in the inventory, it is then that roblox API gives way and fails to provide an option.

I cannot remove stolen content from my game that players choose to load.
While I am providing an edge case I cannot protect other peoples stolen work due to this bug.

To reiterate.
I cannot remove stolen content from my game.