Cannot open published baseplate with no changes (template moderated?)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Publish baseplate to a game slot (make no changes)
  • Restart Studio for whatever reason (for me it was to turn on some Studio Beta)
  • Following error will pop up immediately:


Reproduced on:

Expected behavior:

  • Studio should reopen the game I just published

Observed behavior:

  • Error pops up 100% of the time when opening game I just published

Based on the moderated thumbnail of the game slot, I assume the baseplate got moderated and so any place that matches the content exactly will be seen as moderated too and can’t be edited.


  • Open a new file, insert a brick, publish over the slot so it gets a new content hash and no longer collides with empty baseplate hash.

I wonder why issues with the Baseplate template keep occurring? I’ve reported this twice in the past and submitted a comment on a third bug report regarding an HTTP 403 and the Baseplate template. The second one is relatively the same problem as reported in the OP while the first and third are just general Baseplate template issues I’ve encountered.


Same thing happened to me. It locks the game in private mode, not allowing anyone to play it, and I am unable to make it public. The thumbnails also have the content deleted image.

Game: ER:LC S2 QA Testing - Roblox

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For anyone who has an old account with an old game, restoring it to the original “Happy Home in Robloxia” V1 of an old game also makes this happen. I had an old game with nothing I cared about in it, and when I restored it to V1/the default template “Happy Home in Robloxia” it locked it to be unplayable entirely. Game link.

(Note: I did play+like a long time before doing that reversion, and it did have a handful of plays from back in the day, just incase anyone wonders why it has plays+faves)

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This seems fixed for me with the baseplate template now.

As per the most recent post, This issue should now be resolved! If this issue starts to happen again, please create a new topic for us to look into.

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